How it works

If I want to apply to study two subjects, does my personal statement need to reflect my interest in both?

As Major/Minor is a unique way of studying here at the University of Leicester, and because your other UCAS choices may not provide for such combinations, we will not penalise you if do not refer to both subjects in your personal statement.

If I choose two subjects will I have more work?

Don’t worry, just because you’ve chosen two subjects doesn’t mean you’ll have twice as much work. Of course, you will have to learn two different subjects but the benefits far outweigh any concerns, as you get to study two subjects that you have a genuine interest and passion for.

How will my teaching be delivered?

As well as lectures, seminars and tutorials some of your teaching may be delivered online e.g. through video or podcasts.

How does support and personal tutors work? Will I have a personal tutor in two departments?

As for Joint Honours students, Major/Minor students will be supported and kept informed by both of the departments in which they are enrolled. Your personal tutor will be from the department of your Major. The department of your Minor will contact you about module choices and everything else that you will need to be successful.

Can I study abroad or do a year in industry?

These opportunities will normally be available to you in Major subjects, and opportunities to spend time abroad, in industry or in work placements will be available in some of our Minor subjects.


How and when do I decide on my combination of subjects for my first year?

You choose your Major subject through UCAS, as you would a Single or Joint Honours course. When you apply for a Major, you will use a special code that indicates you are interested in undertaking a Major/Minor degree. You can then indicate your choice of Minor subject in the ‘Further Information’ section of your UCAS form. We will also offer plenty of support and advice during the weeks running up to your start at Leicester.

Will studying two subjects make me any less appealing to prospective employers?

Definitely not! We’ve spoken to employers across the country about what they look for in graduate recruits. Above all else they want people who can demonstrate flexibility, versatility and possess multi-disciplinary skills – these are the attributes that will make you stand out from the competition, especially in a degree in which you will be able to highlight an area of academic and professional expertise alongside an additional area of interest.

Changing subjects

Can I change my subjects?

You will have an opportunity to discuss your choice of Minor subject before you start at the University and at special information sessions when you start your studies.

Any student at the University of Leicester can request to change programmes during the first two weeks of the academic year and you may be able to change to a different Minor subject if it is available. This will be dependent on timetable constraints based on availability of key teaching staff, changes or developments in knowledge or teaching methods, the way in which assessment is carried out, or where the course is over subscribed to the extent that quality of teaching would be affected to the detriment of our students.

We know that many students would like to keep their options open during their first year and then decide on the absolute best degree for them. In the second semester of your first year you will need to decide on your final combination. We’ll ask you to think about your programme and what you’ve enjoyed and ask you to make a decision. There will be special information sessions and opportunities to discuss this with your personal tutor and other members of staff, including dedicated Major/Minor advisers. We expect that most students will decide to keep their Major/Minor combination. Some might want to adjust the balance to better suit their evolving interests and ambitions.

What is usually possible

Depending on the modules you have completed in your first year, you may be able to:

  • Change your Major to a Single Honours by dropping your Minor subject.
  • Change your Minor subject to another that can use your first-year modules as a foundation for studies in second and third year.
  • Change your Major/Minor to a Joint Degree, where a Joint Degree in those disciplines already exists.

What is not usually possible

  • Changing both your Major subject and Minor subject to new subjects.
  • Swapping your Major subject and Minor subject around.
  • Adjusting your Minor subject to a Single Honours degree.

Other changes may be considered and students can discuss individual circumstances with departments.

There will be advice, support and information when the time comes from your tutors, from special Major/Minor information sessions and from dedicated Major/Minor advisers.

Where can I get more information?

Information about Major/Minor degrees will also be available at our Open Days.

Request information about Major/Minor degrees.