Major/Minors explained

Major/Minor degrees enable you to create your own degree. A degree for the head and heart. You can study a core area in depth (your Major subject, which makes up 75% of your course), while also exploring an additional area (your Minor subject, which accounts for the remaining 25%).

At all times, we will provide you with all the support and advice you need to choose the right degree for you. This includes special information sessions and dedicated Major/Minor advisers. Your personal tutor will be a member of staff from the department teaching your Major, but you will receive all the support you require from both of your departments.

Many of our Majors, and some of our Minors, include opportunities to spend a part of your course abroad or on an industrial placement. See individual course pages for details of what is on offer.


Each Major has a UCAS code just as you would for an ordinary degree. You should indicate your choice of Minor in the 'Further Information' section of your UCAS form. In writing your personal statement, it’s fine to concentrate on just your Major subject.

You can change your mind and select a different Minor before you start at Leicester or during the first two weeks of the first term.

Changing your subject combination

At the end of your first year you may be able to adjust the balance of your degree to better suit your evolving interests and ambitions. From a Major/Minor degree you could potentially:

  • Switch to a joint degree – where this option exists.
  • Switch to a single subject degree in the same subject as your Major – where this option exists.
  • Keep your Major but switch your Minor to a different, related subject – depending on which modules you have taken.

We want to help you to keep your options open. However, there are some changes that aren't possible. You won't be able to:

  • Keep your Minor but switch to a different Major.
  • Switch both your Major and your Minor.
  • Switch to a single subject degree in the same subject as your Minor.
  • Swap your Major and Minor with each other.

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