Your degree, your choice

At Leicester, we pride ourselves on offering flexibility and choice through the variety of degrees that we offer and the different modules and route available within those degrees. We are passionate about providing high-quality teaching and we want you to be able to study for a degree that’s not only innovative in its approach, but also designed and built around you.

There are over 30 different departments across the University, all offering a diverse range of courses. Whether studying one or two subjects in combination, you will be able choose a degree structure that is perfect for you.

Your academic journey starts by choosing whether to study one or two subjects from a wide selection of academic disciplines. Whatever you choose, you will be able to develop your own particular blend of knowledge and skills tailored to your individual interests, academic strengths and career aspirations.

Major/Minor degree choices

Find out more about studying for a Major/Minor degree at the University of Leicester.

Choose one of three degree types that suits you:

Single honoursSingle Honours Degree (100%)

Our Single Honours Degree allows you to specialise in one subject. You’ll study that subject in depth for the duration of your degree.

Joint honoursJoint Honours Degree (50%+50%)

Our joint degrees allow you to study two complementary subjects, e.g. English and History. You split your time equally between the subjects.

Major minor honoursMajor/Minor Honours Degree

Major/Minor degrees enable you to create your own degree. A degree for the head and heart. You can study a core area in depth (your major subject), while also exploring an additional area (your minor subject).