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Alumni Music Scholarship

This scholarship of £500 is open to Citizens of Change from any country, on the first year of any undergraduate or postgraduate degree, who play any instrument (including instruments from non-European cultures). Singers can also apply. 

You should be Grade 6 (or above) or equivalent – although we will consider applications from highly competent musicians who have not followed a traditional grade pathway. 

The money is normally used to provide lessons. Attenborough Arts Centre will match you up with a local teacher, although it will be up to you to arrange your lessons. Requests to use the money on music, equipment etc. will also be considered. If you are skilled in two instruments, the scholarship can be split to cover lessons in both instruments.  

This scholarship is offered for one year initially, but if things go well it can potentially be extended throughout your studies. 

As part of this scholarship, you will be expected to take an active part in the musical life of the University through music societies, concerts etc. as well as showing a full commitment to your lessons. 

How to apply  

Complete the application form (PDF, 200kb) and email it to with a reference from a former teacher or music mentor. 

A selection panel will create a short list and invite those students to submit an audition video (see ‘Auditions’ below). 

There will be bookable space at Attenborough Arts Centre to record your audition if you do not have access to a camera. The panel will meet digitally with candidates for interview, after which a final selection will be made. If successful, you will be informed within one week of your audition. 


Before the interview you will be asked to prepare and record two short contrasting pieces (or extracts) totalling around five minutes of music. After the panel view your submission there will be a short interview held digitally.  

The music you choose should show the best of your technical ability, but also demonstrate your musicality and ability to communicate.  

The audition panel will be chaired by the Honorary Director of Student Music and will include: 

  • A musician from the Philharmonia Orchestra
  • The Director of Education from the Philharmonia Orchestra
  • A local professional musician
  • Renowned jazz musician Corey Mwamba who sits on Attenborough Arts Advisory Board 

The President of the University of Leicester Music Association will sit in on the auditions but will not be part of the panel. 

The panel's decision will not be made solely on your performance standard. They will also take into account: 

  • Commitment to regular lessons and to practise
  • Enthusiasm for participation in a University music society
  • Willingness to perform and to engage with an audience
  • Readiness to be prepared for additional learning opportunities
  • Ability to be an ambassador for music at Attenborough Arts Centre 

There are a limited number of scholarships available. If you are not successful, we hope you will nevertheless take advantage of the many musical opportunities on offer during your time at the University of Leicester. Feedback on submissions will be treated on a case by case basis. 

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