Terms and conditions (international students)

Although you are welcome to get started and create and share your video today, submissions need to be formally emailed to citizens100@leicester.ac.uk  as a video file or URL, along with your full name and student ID. If your video file is too large to email, we suggest using WeTransfer or a similar file transfer system.

Sharing on social media

We intend to share entries on the University of Leicester’s social media platforms. If you consent to have your video shared, please indicate this in your email.

  • Videos must be your own original work and not contain other user’s footage or copyrighted material, trademarks or labels.
  • We encourage you to share your entry on your own social media channels and will sharing entries on the University’s official platform. Please do not use profanity or songs with explicit lyrics on your video.
  • If you are creating your video on TikTok/Instagram but have your account set to private, please download and submit the video file via email.
  • Although you can create and share as many videos as you like (please tag us @uniofleicester, #OursToChange), we will only accept one formal entry via email per applicant – so make sure you choose your favourite to submit.

Timelines and deadlines

The official submission period will close at 11.59pm on Friday 27 August 2021. Submissions can be received before this period but will only be considered if the applicant holds an offer and has a valid student ID.

Entrants whether entering as individuals or as part of a group must be holding an offer with the University for a full time campus based undergraduate course starting in September 2021 before they submit their entry.

To be considered entrants must have selected the University of Leicester as their firm choice and paid their deposit by 27 August 2021. Successful candidates will be notified by 1 September 2021 and must go on to register on their course by no later than 12 October 2021.

The scholarship is for 2021 entry only. If you defer to 2022, you'll be considered for the schemes available for 2022 entry, not 2021.

About the scholarship (international students)

If candidates were awarded more than one scholarship by the University of Leicester, only the higher value award will be made. Candidates can accept the Citizens of Change 100 Scholarship in conjunction with other external scholarship or funding sources.

The scholarship is valued at 50% of your first year fee. Students will be required to pay the remaining 50% of their first year course fees in two instalments, 25% at registration and 25% in December 2021. The partial fee waiver will only be given where the student has made payments in accordance with this schedule.

Group entry Ts & Cs

Entrants can apply as individuals or as part of a group up to a maximum of five people.

One member of the group or more must be eligible (an offer holder) in order to submit an application.

Only those members of the group holding an offer by 27 August 2021 are eligible for entrance into the process and consideration for the scholarship.

The University of Leicester reserves the right to make changes to these arrangements, or to withdraw aspects of the scheme or add new elements.