List of Taster Sessions

American Studies/History

  • Selma’s Segregationists: American Memory and Obama’s ‘Post-Race’ Nation

Archaeology and Ancient History

  • Bronze Age Mummies to Viking Boats: How Students of Archaeology Uncover the Past to Transform the Present
  • Social Classes of Spartan Society

Biological Sciences

  • Microbiology and You
  • Targeting Genes for Therapy in Neurodegenerative Disease


  • Metals in Medicine

Computer Science

  • Why Hasn’t My Program Finished Yet?
  • Java Taster Lab


  • Prisons: Too Soft or Inhumane?
  • The CSI Effect: Forensic Science in the Popular Media


  • The Nature and Importance of Economics
  • Making More from your Wonga


  • High-Flying Materials (from Plastic Planes to Space Nuclear Batteries)
  • Control: The Hidden Technology
  • Measuring the Electrical Activity of the Brain: A Bioengineering Approach


  • Philip Larkin’s ‘Mr Bleaney’
  • Mysteries, Miracles, and Moralities: Drama in Late Medieval England
  • Lost the Plot?
  • Gothic Monsters


(see also American Studies)

  • Selling the Third Reich: Propaganda in Nazi Germany
  • Imperial Summer: The First Indian Cricket Tour of Britain, 1911

History of Art

  • Michelangelo, the Divine Artist
  • Are Videogames Art?


  • What is a Brand and Why Do We Live in a Brand Culture?


  • The Shape of Nature
  • What Kind of Maths is Actuarial?

Media and Communication

  • The Politics of Surveillance in Digital Networks


  • ‘What's in the box?’ - Communication Skills for the Budding Doctor
  • How Do We Prepare Medical Students for an Electronic Future?

Modern Languages

  • Exploring Latino Studies
  • Challenge your Perspective with French Literature
  • Italian for Beginners

Natural Sciences

(see Physics)

Physics and Astronomy/Natural Sciences

  • The Physics of Impact Craters
  • Exploration of Mars

Politics and International Relations

  • The Post-Cold War United Nations: Is It Fit for Purpose?


  • Emotion, Memory and the Brain: Matter Over Mind


  • Can Education Ever be Fair?
  • Gender and Education: Is it all that Rosy for Girls?