Changes to A-levels

We realise that you might face some challenges as a result of significant changes to the post-16 curriculum in England. Here, we will give you a brief overview of the reforms and our current admissions policy.

AS and A-level reforms

We recognise that, until 2019, students will have a mixture of both old and new qualifications when they apply to university.


We recognise that some schools and colleges will continue to offer AS-levels, and will enter students for assessment, whereas others will choose to assess student progression and achievement internally. With this in mind, we will ensure that applicants to the University of Leicester are not advantaged or disadvantaged by the availability of AS-levels in their school or college.

When considering applicants for entry to our degrees, we will continue to use a variety of measures, the most important being predicted A-level and achieved GCSE grades, as well as the reference and personal statement.

General Studies

We accept General Studies A-level in all subject areas except:

  • Biological and Medical Sciences
  • Medicine
  • Economics

Science Practicals

The reformed A-levels in Biology, Chemistry and Physics will include a pass/fail assessment of practical skills which is separate from the grade for the written examination.

If you are applying for a science or engineering degree, we require a pass in the practical element of the reformed science A-levels. This requirement will be made explicit in any offers we issue.

If you applying for a non-science degree, a pass in the practical element will not be required. Only the overall A-level grade will be specified in the conditions of your offer.


The alpha grading system will replaced by a numeric system, made up of grades 9 (the highest grade) to 1 (the lowest grade). At the University of Leicester, this is how the new grades relate to the old grades:

Old scale New scale
B 5 (6 for Medicine) 
C 4 (5 for Medicine) 

In cases where a specific GCSE grade is required as part of the offer, we will specify the appropriate numeric grade.

GCSE Core Maths

We recognise that not all schools and colleges will offer the new GCSE Core Maths qualification at this time. It will not typically form part of an offer but will be considered alongside other qualifications. For those degrees where grade B (5) in Maths GCSE is a requirement, grade C (4) in Core Maths is an acceptable qualification.