Centenary Scholarship for Excellence

Studying at Leicester means becoming a part of a century-long legacy. Founded as a living memorial to those who made sacrifices during the First World War, from the beginning we’ve celebrated the power of education to shape positive change in the world.

In our centenary year, we’re offering the Centenary Scholarship for Excellence to high-achieving students to ensure this tradition of academic excellence remains stronger than ever. By making us your firm choice, you’ll take the first step to becoming eligible for the generous financial support offered by these scholarships.

When you’re made an offer at Leicester, you deserve to be recognised. We’re offering these scholarships to high-achieving students who receive both Unconditional and Conditional offers and make us their firm choice. These inclusive, uncapped scholarships are designed for a broad range of qualification holders (including BTEC), and eligibility will be decided based on tariff scores.

Your results can be truly rewarding:

  • Achieve 160+ Tariff and be eligible for £4,000
  • Achieve 152-159 Tariff and be eligible for £3,000
  • Achieve 144-151 Tariff and be eligible for £1,000
  • Achieve 136-143 Tariff and be eligible for £500

The Centenary Scholarships for Excellence will be made in a single cash payment in February 2020 (if you start in September 2019) or September 2020 (if you start in April 2020).

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Beyond money

How the Centenary Scholarship can help you get ahead at Leicester

We know the value of securing your finances before starting your university studies. But support takes many shapes, so we’ll find other ways to help our unconditional (based on predicted grades) offer holders get a head start on their future. This includes:

  • Pre-University career consultation: Before you even arrive on campus, we want to make sure we’re already thinking about your future. Whether it’s face-to-face, over Skype or on the phone, we’ll take the time to discuss your career and learn what you have in mind for tomorrow.
  • Guaranteed Accommodation and Advanced Priority Booking: Knowing where you’ll be living is both comforting and incredibly exciting. If you receive a Centenary Scholarship, we’ll make sure you get priority booking from the moment you make Leicester your firm choice. 
  • Placement opportunity or research project: Scholarship holders are often blessed with long-term vision. So you’ll see the value in being guaranteed a work placement opportunity, or inclusion in a University of Leicester research project.
  • Study skills: Knowing how to find and make full use of available resources is vital. Dedicated one-to-one sessions with a member of our library staff when you start work on your first assignment will ensure you’re fully up to speed from the start of your course.

Eligibility criteria

  • For students with a Home or EU tuition fee status (or from the Channel Islands or Isle of Man)
  • Undergraduate campus-based courses beginning in September 2019 or April 2020 (includes deferrals from 2018)
  • Only qualifications that carry UCAS tariff points can be counted
  • You must have been offered a place on a course and made a firm commitment to the University of Leicester, by making us your firm choice ('conditional firm' or 'unconditional firm')


There is no need to apply for this scholarship. We’ll confirm your award when we confirm your place at the start of term in September 2019 or April 2020.

Exclusions and caveats

  • The following are not eligible:
    • Students taking Medicine MBChB - however, there is a separate Centenary Scholarship for Medicine
    • Student taking Distance Learning courses, Postgraduate courses and PGCE
    • Direct entrants to year two
    • Students with an overseas tuition fee status
    • Students who join Leicester through the Clearing process
    • Students who become firm with Leicester by default, i.e. by being rejected by one of your other choices
  • AS-level subjects also taken at A-level cannot be counted towards the tariff total.
  • Only the highest grade in a subject will be counted: resits will not count twice.
  • Qualifications that do not appear on the UCAS website as carrying tariff points will not be counted.
  • Only one Centenary Academic Excellence Scholarship will be awarded per student.
  • The latest date we can consider changes or updates to tariff scores is 31 October 2019.
  • The scholarship is for 2019 only. If you defer to 2020, you'll be considered for the schemes available for 2020 entry, not 2019.

Unconditional offer holders

If you are made an unconditional offer based on predicted grades and you make Leicester your firm choice, you will be: 

  • Paired with a named Careers Adviser during the summer before arriving at Leicester. You will be able to book one careers coaching sessions either face-to-face or on the phone/Skype. 
  • Given the Advanced Priority Booking line which you can call to book your accommodation. This option will be available from the point of making Leicester your firm choice until 1 May 2019 when all decisions are due and accommodation booking opens to all. 
  • Added to a priority list and be the first to be informed of placement opportunities. You're guaranteed a placement of up to 4 weeks (35 hours per week) within a University of Leicester department during the summer after your first year.
  • Offered a dedicated 30-minute tour of the David Wilson Library, a one-hour individual consultation with a librarian to introduce you to the range of resources for your subject area, and an additional session on referencing and using bibliographic software.