Centenary Scholarship for Excellence

Studying at Leicester means becoming a part of a century-long legacy. Founded as a living memorial to those who made sacrifices during the First World War, from the beginning we’ve celebrated the power of education to shape positive change in the world.

In our centenary year, we’re offering the Centenary Scholarship for Excellence to high-achieving students to ensure this tradition of academic excellence remains stronger than ever. By making us your firm choice, you’ll take the first step to becoming eligible for the generous financial support offered by these scholarships.

When you’re made an offer at Leicester, you deserve to be recognised. We’re offering these scholarships to high-achieving students who receive both Unconditional and Conditional offers and make us their firm choice. These inclusive, uncapped scholarships are designed for a broad range of qualification holders (including BTEC), and eligibility will be decided based on tariff scores.

Your results can be truly rewarding:

  • Achieve 160+ Tariff and be eligible for £4,000
  • Achieve 152-159 Tariff and be eligible for £3,000
  • Achieve 144-151 Tariff and be eligible for £1,000
  • Achieve 136-143 Tariff and be eligible for £500

The Centenary Scholarships for Excellence will be made in a single cash payment in February 2021 (if you start in September 2020) or September 2021 (if you start in April 2021).

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