Our Meal Plan

Taking the hassle out of filling up the fridge and having to cook each day, our Meal Plan offers the flexibility to choose where and when you eat. It is a good choice if the idea of cooking for yourself is a little daunting.

How it works

At the start of each term your account will be credited with a sum of money (part of your accommodation fee) which you can spend in the Oadby Food Court or at any of the catering outlets on campus. You can use our catering app Upay Chilli to track your spending and pay with your smartphone.

Rooms which include the Meal Plan also have access to a small kitchen with a fridge, cupboard space and either a combi-oven or microwave, giving you the option to prepare simple meals and snacks if you want to.


It’s easy to keep track of the money you spend with our Meal Plan app - Upay Chilli. You can pay using your smartphone and view your balance and loyalty points while keeping up to date with the latest offers. If you do run out, you (or a parent or guardian) can add money to your account. If you have money left at the end of term it will remain in your account and can be used in the next term.

Enjoy the Meal Plan even if you’re self-catered

If you like the sound of the Meal Plan, but prefer the look of our self-catered accommodation, the Meal Plan can be added as an option to self-catered contracts. You can buy the annual Meal Plan up front, per term, or you can sign up to a Upay Chilli account which you can top up as you need.