Year 12 Summer School

In 2021 we will be holding our annual Summer School for year 12 students, running during the week 26 – 30 July 2021. All of our 2021 Summer Schools will be held digitally, as they were in 2020.

Why attend year 12 Summer School?

  • Take part in a week-long group project, designed by our teams of outstanding academic lecturers, in one these five subject areas:
    • Arts, Humanities and Social Science
    • Business and Enterprise
    • Law and Criminology
    • Medicine and Allied Health
    • STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths)
  • Develop essential skills required to be a successful university student
  • Collaborate and work with other students from across the country
  • Prepare to make the transition from school/college to higher Education
  • Work alongside our team of Summer School mentors, all undergraduate students from the University of Leicester
  • Experience student-led “Mentor Take Over” sessions, and daily social media challenges with prizes to be won

Who are Summer Schools for?

You must be in year 12, under the age of 18, and studying at a state funded school or college.  Other eligibility criteria will be collected on the application form and might be used when assessing applications and offering places.

Group Projects

This is the core element of your summer school experience. In your summer school mentor groups, you will work on one of five group projects, being designed exclusively for our summer schools by academic lecturers at the University of Leicester. Take a look below for a preview of each project to help you decide which summer school strand is the one for you.

Arts, Humanities and Social Science

Join us in an exploration of global migration past and present through social sciences, arts and humanities. Throughout this project you will explore the people around you and how we have all come to be where we are. We will look at migration from the point of view of social sciences and humanities to show how one subject can show us so much from different perspectives.

Business and Enterprise

Please check back regularly for updates.

Law and Criminology

Your journey begins by delving into a crime scene and gathering evidence, before moving onto interviewing the accused in police custody. You then assume the role of legal counsel, advising on how to proceed in the upcoming trial. The story continues to follow the accused through the criminal justice system, exploring some the big issues along the way. How it unfolds from there, you’ll have to join us to find out…

Medicine and Allied Health

You will track the journey of a fictitious stroke patient, all the way from diagnosis, through treatment and onto rehabilitation. Assuming the role of a variety of doctors and Allied Health professionals, you will experience how a multi-disciplinary team of healthcare professionals combine, overcoming unforeseen challenges along the way, to provide a first-rate health service for our patient.


Join us on the STEM summer school where you will be planning our next mission to Mars. You will have the chance to look at what makes planets habitable and why some are cold and wet and others are hot and dry. You will have to determine the best landing site on Mars for the rocket by looking at satellite imagery, you might look at orbital mechanics or instrument selection for your journey as well as sample gathering and specimen analysis. You will also learn how to so some basic coding to get the Mars rover where it needs to be to gather the correct samples and determine whether there could be life on Mars! We look forward to you joining our Mission.

How much does it cost?

Nothing! Our summer schools are entirely free to participate in!

How to apply

Applications for our 2021 Year 12 Summer Schools are now closed. If you made an application, we will aim to let you know if your you were successful by Friday 4 June 2021. Applications for Year 12 Summer Schools 2022 will open early in 2022, so please check this page for updates.