Computer Science

Algebraic and Categorical Structures and Methods

Dr Roy CroleDr Fer-Jan de Vries; Professor Reiko Heckel; Professor Alexander Kurz

  • Algebras, coalgebras and categorical structures as mathematical objects, including (co)inductive methods and modal logics
  • Algebraic and coalgebraic specification
  • Calculi and models of concurrent, distributed, mobile, and context-aware computing
  • Game semantics
  • General systems theory and computational models (chemical, biological, etc.)
  • Semantics of conceptual modelling methods and techniques
  • Semantics of programming languages

Algorithm Design, Analysis and Engineering

Professor Thomas Erlebach; Dr Stanley Fung; Dr Michael Hoffmann; Professor Rajeev Raman

  • Data structures, hierarchical-memory algorithms, approximation algorithms, algorithms for dealing with uncertain data, including on-line algorithms
  • Applications for:
    • optimising performance and energy consumption in optical and ad-hoc networks
    • railroad optimisation
    • scheduling
    • bioinformatics
    • text indexing
    • representing semi-structured data
    • network analysis

Computational Complexity of Algebraic Structures

Dr Michael Hoffmann; Dr Nir Piterman; Professor Rick Thomas

  • Formal language theory and computational complexity
  • Algorithmic problems in algebraic structures
  • Algorithm development
  • Undecidability results
  • Automata on infinite objects
  • Automatic groups and semigroups
  • Biautomaticity
  • Hyperbolic groups and semigroups
  • FA-presentable structures
  • Syntactic monoids
  • Word problems of groups and semigroups
  • Reduced and irreducible word problems
  • String rewriting systems

Deduction Rewriting and Transformation

Dr Roy Crole; Dr Fer-Jan de Vries; Professor Reiko Heckel; Dr Tom Ridge; Dr Emilio Tuosto; Dr Irek Ulidowski

  • Graph transformations
  • Term rewriting
  • Theorem proving
  • Stochastic approaches
  • Rewriting of bio-structures
  • Operational semantics of concurrency and programming languages

Interaction Design and Evaluation of Socio-Technical Systems

Dr Ruzanna Chitchyan; Dr Effie Law; Dr Stephan Reiff-Marganiec

  • Usability and user experience (UX) evaluation methodologies for emergent interactive technologies
  • Interaction design of computer-supported collaborative work/learning (CSCW/L) environments
  • Digital educational games
  • Interoperability issues of social software
  • Evolution of cross-cultural online communities
  • Adaptive mash-up services for personal responsive learning environment
  • Social network analysis of computer-mediated interactions
  • Creativity and software quality models
  • Trans-sectorial transfer of design and evaluation methods and tools
  • Web 2.0-enhanced requirement engineering
  • Engineering of complex socio-technical services: formal modelling and analysis, orchestration and service-level agreements, security and trust
  • Interaction and context-based technologies for collaborative teams

Knowledge Discovery and Machine Learning

Professor Rajeev RamanProfessor Eugene Yu-Dong ZhangDr Joe Huiyu Zhou

  • Knowledge discovery and machine learning
  • Signal processing and image analysis
  • Data structures and big data

Models of Software Intensive Systems

Dr Ruzanna Chitchyan; Professor Reiko Heckel; Dr Nir Piterman; Dr Stephan Reiff-Marganiec; Dr Tom Ridge; Dr Emilio Tuosto; Dr Irek Ulidowski

  • Concepts, languages, and semantic models for large and complex software intensive systems
  • Architectural dimensions (coordination, distribution, context-awareness)
  • Collaborative systems
  • Embedded, hybrid, and timed systems
  • Formal specification, validation and verification techniques
  • Service-oriented systems
  • Composition and emergent behaviour/properties

Software Evolution

Dr Artur Boronat; Dr Ruzanna Chitchyan; Professor Reiko Heckel; Dr Stephan Reiff-Marganiec; Dr Emilio Tuosto

  • Meta-modelling
  • Model-driven architecture/development
  • Re-engineering of legacy systems
  • Aspect discovery and refactoring
  • Software process engineering
  • System families
  • Incremental development
  • Features and Aspects: policy-driven, ad-hoc composition

Verification and Validation

Dr Nir Piterman; Dr Tom Ridge; Dr Emilio Tuosto

  • Formal specification of systems
  • Proofs about systems
  • Machine support for proofs
  • Automated reasoning
  • Logical foundations
  • Automated system testin
  • Model checking
  • Synthesis of systems