Postgraduate research

Management PhD Tuition Fee Waivers

Qualification: PhD

Department: Management

Application deadline: 14 September 2022

Start date: 9 January 2023


The College of Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities are offering a number of Tuition Fee Waivers for successful PhD applicants commencing January 2023.

We welcome applications and research proposals for PhD Management in the following research areas.

Please read the list of supervisor's research interests below and, if any of these areas are of interest to you, prepare your proposal using our Research Proposal Form and submit your online application following the guidelines under our How To Apply section towards the bottom of the web page. 

Supervisor's Research Interests

Dr Dennis Pepple 

My research interests are in the following areas:

Diversity management 
Employee relations, employee behaviour modelling 
Organisational behaviour and work psychology 
Student engagement design and practice
Knowledge management 
Entrepreneurial behaviour 
Consumer behaviour  

Dr Chandrima Roy

My research aims to understand the factors that influence the uptake of technological innovations and changes in the global business process outsourcing industry and how these in turn shape organisational processes and practices that have significant impact on workplace productivity and employees' way of working and their experiences of work in the Global South. I will be interested in supervising anyone who is interested in examining technology’s impact on work particularly information technology enabled outsourced service work, employment conditions and frontline employee experiences of such work in Global South.
I am also interested in supervising PhD research work which involves exploring work and employment in the UK social care sector in the context of social care reform activities, technology use in social care and increased social and political attention paid to this area.

Dr Ning Baines
My principal research interests lie in the field of new product/service development and innovation, specifically in university spin-off and start-up contexts. This also includes the research in the area of university/industry collaboration and commercialisation of academic research. In addition, my other research area is entrepreneurship for marginal groups, especially on entrepreneurs with disability.

Dr Ade Oyedijo

Supply Chain Criminality considering issues such as: illegal supply chain activities, corruption and fraud in the supply chain, financial crime in supply chain networks, etc.

Responsible and Ethical Supply Chains considering issues such as: Fairness and justice in supply chain relationships, ethical relationship management, behavioural issues in supply chains, social issues in global sourcing and procurement, etc.

Supplier Relationship Management considering issues such as: designing and developing Diverse and Inclusive Supply Chains  exploring the ‘‘why’’ diverse and inclusive supply chains, building diversity and inclusion in supply chain design, the socio-economic impact, the restraining forces and drivers, the implications for theory and practice, etc.  

Supply Chain Management in Emerging Markets (especially in Africa) using different theoretical lenses to improve our understanding of the following: climate crisis and sustainability, technology adoption, resilience and risk management, humanitarian supply chains, managing Inter-firm Relationships, etc. 

Dr Huiping Xian

Dr Xian’s research interests include women's careers, HRM issues in Chinese organisations, qualitative research methods and language and translation issues in international research. Dr Xian has supervised 1 PhD student to completion. she is interested in supervising the following topics: HRM issues in China, Qualitative research methods, Cross-cultural research involving language and translation, Gender studies, and Women’s careers in organisations. 

Dr Lucy Ferdous

Discipline: Economics, Finance and Accounting

Supervision Research Interest: corporate governance, board and executive effectiveness determinants, gender diversity, financial reporting quality, sustainability disclosure, assurance, auditing, and digital accounting education.

Joseph Choonara

I would be interested in supervising students seeking to explore work and employment using the tools of the critical social sciences. This could include the study of novel forms of employment, class relations, labour movements and struggles, the constitution and functioning of labour markets, insecurity and precarity/precariousness, and labour process analysis. Approaches can be quantitative, qualitative or mixed methods. 

Dr Liang Zhao

I am willing to supervise PhD students who are interested in marketing strategy, consumer behaviour, and entrepreneurship in general. Some sample topics are listed as follows:

Value creation in online platforms
Consumer behaviour in the context of e-business/online platforms
Marketing issues in emerging markets
Cross-cultural and cross-country studies of marketing strategy
The application of big data in marketing 
Social Media and marketing

Dr Li Xiao

I am interested to supervise PhD students on topics as follows

Entrepreneurial finance
High-tech SMEs
Digital entrepreneurship
Technological innovation 
Institutional changes

Fuk Ying Tse

I research on pay systems, pay communication and contestation at the organisational level. Having studied pay communication regimes in the manufacturing sector in China, I am keen to develop a comparative lens to look at institutional and social factors affecting the disclosure of pay information and its contestation at the organisational, sectoral and national levels. Since coming to Leicester, I have also developed an interest in researching on migrant rights in the aspect of work and employment.

Therefore, I am interested in supervising PhD projects related to the following areas:

Employment relations in general, in particular in the areas of reward management and pay communication, collective bargaining and living wage

Employment prospects and workplace inclusion of immigrants

Dr Mahmoud Marzouk

My research interests lie primarily in the area of corporate risk disclosure (CRD) and disclosure during crises and under great uncertainty. Specifically, I am interested in corporate narrative disclosure practices and particularly risk disclosure by companies and its quality and usefulness to stakeholder groups and investors in particular. I am also interested in the areas of financial reporting, corporate governance, and sustainability disclosure.   

Dr Hana Trollman

My research interest is the ecological embeddedness of business. This means that both social relations and the natural environment are considered in the development of new business and governance models, sustainability strategy, and in the implementation of new technology such that there is a benefit to both economic actors and the natural environment. I would like to supervise students in areas related to business and sustainability, corporate social responsibility, and the sustainable development goals.

Dr Arash Sadeghi

I am particularly interested in supervising students in the areas related to International Business, Entrepreneurship, and innovation. Some of the topics that I am interested in relate to the internationalization of small and medium size enterprises (SMEs), de- and re-internationalization, Dynamics of internationalization and patterns of international growth, Innovation and knowledge co-ordination, coopetition and alliance, knowledge acquisition and organizational learning, entrepreneurial scaling and scalability, Small business resilience and business continuity planning in a disruptive global environment, Digital entrepreneurship, Business model innovations. I am interested in supervising both qualitative and quantitative research projects.

Dr Rachel English

Dr. English has had publications within International Trade, in particular in connection with Preferential Trade and Generalised System of Preferences. Dr English is currently investigating the impact of the withdrawal of Generalised System of Preference by the EU as a sanction tool.  Dr English is a qualified accountant (ACCA) and has continued interested in the application of International Accounting Standards and their global impact, with particular reference to sustainability accounting.

Dr Shelly Chapman

My main research interest is responsible food marketing to children, but also advertising to young adults including subliminal advertising, such as advergames and brand placement in video games. Gamification is another research interest, particularly in changing behavioural. In general, I am interested on the impact of marketing on society, both for good and ill.



The School of Business offers:

Up to 15 UK Tuition Fee Waivers for 3 years for full time study or 6 years part time study  (part time only available to UK applicants)

1  Full Time Overseas Fee waiver for 3 years

International applicants must demonstrate on their personal statement how they intend to fund the difference in fees (£11,004 per year) and their living costs for the duration of their studies.

There is no stipend or additional funding available to support living costs.

The fee waivers are not available for distance learning study.

Entry requirements

Entry requirements

Applicants are required to hold a UK Bachelor's Degree with at least a 2:1 and a Master's Degree or overseas equivalent qualifications.

The University of Leicester English language requirements apply.

Informal enquiries

Informal enquiries

For enquiries about the proposed research please email the relevant supervisor listed above.

For application enquiries please email 

How to apply

How to apply

To apply, please select click on the Apply button below and then select January 2023*

Look at the supervisors and research areas above and prepare your research proposal on the Proposal Form

With your application, please include:

  • In the proposal section please provide the name of the your proposed project supervisor (from the list above)  and your project title
  • Upload your completed Research Proposal Form
  • Personal statement explaining, briefly, your interest in the project and your experience. International applicants also must demonstrate on their personal statement how they intend to fund the difference in fees (£11,004 per year) and their living costs for the duration of their studies.
  • Degree Certificates and Transcripts of all degree level study already completed and if possible transcript to date of study currently being undertaken
  • CV
  • Evidence of English language proficiency, if applicable
  • In the reference section please enter the contact details of your two academic referees in the boxes provided or upload letters of reference if already available.
  • In the funding section please state CSSAH Fee Waiver

Incomplete applications and Research Proposals not submitted using the Proposal Form will not be considered.

*UK applicants may apply for either full time or part time study. International applicants may only apply for full time study if they require a Student Visa to study in the UK



UK and International Students are welcome to apply.

The University of Leicester prides itself on the diversity of its student population and on being an inclusive employer. We encourage applications from candidates who represent the diversity of our student population, local communities and wider society. In particular, we welcome applications from Black, Asian and minority ethnic candidates, as this is a group currently underrepresented in the University.


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