Personal Tutor

A member of academic staff will be assigned as your Personal Tutor right at the start of your course and they will stay with you all the way through to graduation.

student chatting to personal tutor

At the University of Leicester, you will have lots of friends. You'll have plenty of classmates, team-mates and even flatmates. You will have a good number of lecturers and tutors. But you will only have one Personal Tutor.

Your Personal Tutor is there to help you with any problems or queries, academic or personal. They can help you work out how to manage your time and your workload. They can guide you in a way that will identify your key strengths and main interests so that you can make the right choices  when your course offers you different options.

If your Personal Tutor isn't able to help you directly, they will know where you can go to get what you need, whether that's academic colleagues, student support services or the Students' Union.

Supporting you

We have been looking after students for more than fifty years: we know what it’s like and we have won awards for our student support.

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Health and welfare

The Student Welfare Service provides a practical service designed to meet the needs of all students, including mature, postgraduate and international students.

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