Health and welfare

The Student Welfare Service, based in the Charles Wilson Building, provides a practical service designed to meet the needs of all students, including mature, postgraduate and international students.

Student Welfare Officers offer specialist advice on issues including

  • Immigration
  • Visa renewal
  • Accommodation
  • Health promotion
  • Childcare and benefits
  • Finding childcare
  • Financial difficulties
  • Financial advice
  • Spending time with a British family
  • Personal problems

Student Welfare Reception,
Charles Wilson Building
+44 (0)116 223 1185

Student Healthy Living Service

The Student Healthy Living Service aims to help you enjoy a balanced life; the service can help you to identify an approach to life which can enhance study, enable you to thrive and reach your full potential. The service is committed to the delivery and improvement of health and wellbeing activities that support you in developing life skills. As well as supporting academic achievement, these skills are transferable and should prove beneficial as you move from university to the demands of employment and graduate careers. The Healthy Living Service works closely with the Victoria Park Health Centre and also provides direction to appropriate health care services.

+44 (0)116 223 1268