Clubs and societies

With more than 200 student clubs and societies to choose from, you’ll soon link up with people who share your interests. You can sign up at the Freshers’ Fair or join later. All the student groups are run by students so you could find yourself on the committee, helping to steer the group – which looks great on your CV.

Academic societies

Every subject we teach has a society, bringing together undergraduate and postgraduate students on relevant courses for a mixture of academic and social events. 

National and cultural societies

Reflecting the international nature of the University, a wide range of cultures and nationalities from across the globe have a society. As well as bringing people together and providing a sense of community, these societies also promote their culture to the wider university through special events.

Performance societies

Dancing, singing, acting, playing a musical instrument – if you like to get up in front of an audience, you’ll find a society that caters for you, no matter your level of experience. Technical support for lighting, audio, costumes etc is always very welcome too.

Political and campaigning societies

There is a long tradition of students active in politics, either directly or through campaigning on issues that matter. These societies are where you can make a difference to the world.

Student media

Radio, TV, print and online. Words, pictures, audio and video. If you want to communicate with your fellow students, you’ll find plenty of opportunities.

Faith groups

Many different faiths and religions are represented on campus, and there is a wide range of related societies, providing companionship, discussion, teaching and support.

Sports clubs

Whatever your game, whatever your level, you’ll find it among the wide range of sports clubs on offer, offering training, competition and social events. Want to try something new? Beginners are always welcome.

Fund-raising societies

Students have always been involved in fund-raising, working to help raise money and awareness for charities, and there are several societies with that purpose.

Support groups

These societies provide support for students and others who feel they need it. Each one is different, but all have the same basic aim.

Everything else

Many other clubs and societies don’t fit under any of the above headings. They bring together people who like to eat, drink, watch, play, read, discuss, listen to, make or do something. And remember: if there’s no student society that matches your interests, the Union will help you set one up.


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