After applying

Fee payment and registration

Information about the deadlines for making payment and registering to start your studies will be explained in your unconditional offer. You will need to complete the following steps:


If you are paying all of your fees yourself it will be necessary for the University to have received at least the first instalment, as shown on your offer, by the payment deadline.

If a part of your fee is being paid by a sponsor or other funding source, you will need to pay a proportion of the remaining amount yourself by the payment deadline. This will be one-sixth of the remaining fee for a two-year course or one-third for a one-year course.

We recommend allowing at least two days for payments made by credit or debit card through the University’s online e-pay site and 14 days for all other payment methods. If you choose to pay by bank transfer, please include your student number as a reference number and let us know you have made the payment. Payments for distance learning fees (invoiced in British Pounds) can also be made by credit or debit card over the phone. Please contact the relevant Distance Learning Team.

Information on funding your studies can be found on our distance learning Fees, Funding and Scholarships page.

Find out more about the ways to pay.


Course registration opens at least five weeks before your course start date. At this point, and after paying your fees, you will receive an email explaining how to register online. Registration takes approximately fifteen minutes and involves creating a University IT account. This will provide you with a University email address, access to Blackboard, and Library resources. You must complete registration by the deadline shown on your unconditional offer.

Starting your studies

Once you have registered, you will receive a welcome email explaining the next steps in preparing for your studies. Your online course materials will be available on Blackboard from the first day of the course. If printed materials are provided as part of your studies, these will be sent to you via DHL or via one of our regional agents.


We work with a number of agency partners around the world to make sure that our courses reach local audiences efficiently and effectively. Our agency partners can provide you with advice about our courses as well as offering guidance on completing your application.