Drop and go

Drop and go is our process to allow UK-based students to collect their keys and start moving belongings into accommodation over the summer vacation. This makes your arrival quicker and easier in September.

How does it work?

You’ll be able to pick up your key, bring up as many of your non-perishable belongings as you want and start setting up your room ready for September free of charge!

  • Drop and go is a free period of storage for your belongings
  • If you wish to move into your accommodation early, you’ll need to book early arrival by contacting us at, which is charged at a nightly rate
  • You’ll get to keep your key after Drop and go to make your arrival easier in September, please keep it safe and tell us straight away if you think you may have lost it. You will only have access to your room during your Drop and go booking, we will then deactivate fob access to your accommodation until you check-in in September
  • If you do need to access your belongings again before September then please arrange this with the accommodation team at
  • Please ensure you only store items in your private space (i.e. your bedroom), not in communal kitchens or bathrooms
  • During the summer, while you’re not living with us, we will still need access to your room for compliance and security checks. When you move items in please make sure your room is still easily accessible and free of obstructions. We will monitor this access to your room and keep accurate records but until you check in for your main arrival you won't receive notifications of when we need to access your room

What to bring

Have a think what you'll need between now and September, if you don't need it then pack it up and bring it to halls!

We've put together a list of things that would be worth dropping off (and some things it would be best to keep at home). You should only bring non-perishable items for your Drop and go slot.

What not to bring

There's a few things we recommend you don't bring with you:

  • Valuable items (e.g. laptops, TVs, games consoles etc)
  • Important documents (e.g. passport, ID documents, letters you may need from the University etc)
  • Food, toiletries and other perishable items
  • Medication

There are some restrictions on items that you can bring to accommodation at any time, highlighted in your Terms and Conditions of Residence, these rules apply to the Drop and go period too.


Bringing a bike to university? You can bring this with you for Drop and go but we recommend you store it safely in your bedroom while you won’t be here to use it. Make sure you keep all exits clear and don’t keep your bike in the corridors or communal spaces. Upon check-in, bikes will need to be secured in our dedicated bike sheds outside the accommodation, which are available free of charge.

Contents insurance

Your period of residence is covered by contents insurance from Endsleigh. You can see what’s covered and personalise your cover for any additional items. Contents insurance from Endsleigh also includes the Drop and go period.

Booking a slot

Before you travel to us please ensure you have read all the information above and booked a Drop and go slot.

  • The University has provided a guide on travelling to Leicester
  • When you come to halls you will need to go to your site reception first to collect and activate your key

Your timeslot is only confirmed once you receive the confirmation email from our team.

Book your Drop and Go slot

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