If you have travelled from outside the UK and have to go into quarantine, please check Government guidance before you travel. The University is here to support you through your quarantine period to ensure you are safe and settle into student life as quickly as possible.

Before you arrive

From any country, you must:

  • Take a COVID-19 test and get a negative result during the three days before you travel
  • Book and pay for two COVID-19 travel tests to be taken on or before day two and on or after day eight of your quarantine
  • Fill out a passenger locator form up to 48 hours before you are due to arrive

When you arrive in the UK

The UK Government has categorised all countries around the world into three lists: Green, Amber and Red. Each list has different quarantine rules for people travelling to the UK from, or through, any of the countries on that list.

  • If the country you are travelling from is on the red list or you have travelled through a country on the red list on your journey, you will be required to follow the Government guidance and stay in a quarantine hotel for your 10 day isolation period. You will need to pay for the hotel yourself, but the University will reimburse this cost (up to a limit of £1,750). Please note:
    • We will not cover the costs of quarantine for family members or dependents.
    • This financial support is only available when you arrive in the UK for the start of your course. If you leave the UK at any point during the year, you will have to pay any further quarantine hotel costs yourself when you return.
    • If you arrive before September for a Presessional English Language Course, you will not receive reimbursement until you start your degree.
  • If the country you are travelling from is on the amber list, you can travel to the place you are staying (e.g. University-managed accommodation) and complete your 10 day isolation period there
  • If the country you are travelling from is on the green list, you will be required to take a COVID-19 test two days after your arrival in the UK, but you will not be required to quarantine unless you test positive

How we can help

If you are staying in University-managed accommodation and your country is on the green or amber list, you can move into your accommodation up to ten days early at no extra cost to complete your quarantine with us. You will be able to quarantine in your term-time room (subject to availability) or we will have designated quarantine blocks available to you. You will need to inform us at so we can make your booking. Nobody will enter your flat during quarantine, except in emergencies.

As well as your quarantine room, we will also provide:

  • Free kitchen equipment, bedding and toiletries
  • A free food pack to cover the first three days of quarantine
  • Assistance with grocery deliveries, laundry and post 
  • 24/7 student support and online activities from our Residence Life team

The University also provides an airport pickup service to support you getting to Leicester when you arrive in the UK. This can be booked on the welcome website.

Find out more about airport pickup

If you're not staying in University-managed accommodation

If you are not staying in University-managed accommodation and your country is on the green or amber list, you may book to take your quarantine period in our accommodation if you wish to do so. This will be charged at the nightly rate for the room for the ten day period. Kitchen equipment, bedding, toiletries and food are not included but can be provided at an additional cost.

To make an enquiry, please email

All the information on this page is of course subject to any changes in Government rules and guidelines. If you have an enquiry regarding our accommodation or quarantine arrangements, please contact

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