Minor in Mathematical Studies

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Available for students starting in September 2017

If you choose a Minor in Mathematical Studies you will develop knowledge and appreciation of mathematical concepts and their application in society, business, technology, and sciences. No matter what position you ultimately hold, key mathematical knowledge and skills are essential. This minor will provide these core skills and a broad knowledge of mathematics and its applications.

Year 1

In your first year you will study modules that explore the relationship between mathematics and society through a series of case studies. You will learn to apply specific mathematical knowledge to various business situations and undertake basic mathematical modelling in business, commercial and industrial environments.


  • Mathematics and Society
  • Mathematics for Business

Year 2

In your second year you will you will have an option to focus on the study of the theory of probability, basics of data representation in computers, algorithmic thinking and programming simple numerical methods. You will also be able to investigate case studies presented by external companies, taken from real-world business settings. You’ll also get to play a business game undertaking the role of a company director, competing with other companies.


Core module

  • Business Applications in Mathematics

Option modules

Choose one option module from:

  • Probability
  • Introduction to Computing

Year 3

In your final year you will be given the opportunity to engage in guided independent study of a chosen topic. You will also study major historical developments in mathematics and improve your understanding of the relationships between different aspects of mathematics and how they evolved. You will learn to write clear and logical project reports and essays, develop oral communication skills by giving presentations and develop team working skills by working in groups.


  • Investigations in Mathematics
  • History of Mathematics

Modules shown represent choices available to current students. The range of modules available and the content of any individual module may change in future years.

Entry Requirements

A-level Mathematics or Further Mathematics at Grade B.


You will be assessed through coursework, computerised tests and final examination (taken with different weights in different modules).

Now choose your Major

On a Major/Minor degree you study a core area in depth (your major subject), while also exploring an additional area (in this case Mathematical Studies).


Please note that you cannot study a Minor in Mathematical Studies with a Major in Mathematics.

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