Minor in Entrepreneurship

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Available for students starting in September 2018

If you choose a Minor in Entrepreneurship you will study ways in which entrepreneurship is practiced in the public and private sectors. This will be built upon a learning experience that challenges taken-for-granted assumptions about entrepreneurs found in the media and economic policy. In the media, entrepreneurs are often presented as heroic figures whose success is fuelled by personal energy, ambition, and a desire to undertake more risks than conventional business. But, is this an accurate reflection of the everyday practices of entrepreneurship?

The Entrepreneurship Minor is designed for you to interrogate the practices of contemporary and historical entrepreneurship. It will develop your ‘entrepreneurial mind-set’ through an academic analysis of entrepreneurship and practice-based elements where you will develop entrepreneurial, reflective and leadership capacities through the MicroTyco ® challenge delivered by WildHearts. This is an income-generation project where you will research, design, and execute a small-scale enterprise with £1 seed capital provided by WildHearts*. This Minor has been developed in conjunction with Deloitte and has been designed to provide the entrepreneurial insights and knowledge(s) required in contemporary business.

*Profits generated from MicroTyco ® are invested in poor entrepreneurs operating in the developing world.

Year 1

In your first year you will be introduced to some key concepts in entrepreneurship and its history in the first semester. In the second semester you will develop a micro enterprise through WildHearts’ MicroTyco® challenge.


  • Foundations of Entrepreneurship
  • Entrepreneurial Practices

Year 2

You will study the economic and political contexts of entrepreneurship in public and private sectors. In semester two you will develop your leadership skills and capacities through mentoring other students in their MicroTyco ® challenge.


  • Entrepreneurial Environments
  • Entrepreneurial Leadership

Year 3

In your final year you will develop your comprehension of entrepreneurial concepts such as innovation and intrapreneurship. You will also develop your critical awareness of the design and developments of products using entrepreneurship and enterprise.


  • Management and Shaping of Innovation
  • Design, Technology and Entrepreneurship

Modules shown represent choices available to current students. The range of modules available and the content of any individual module may change in future years.

Entry Requirements

No specific entry requirements


There will be a range of assessments including coursework and examinations.

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