Minor in Accounting and Finance

UCAS code: Your UCAS code will be the code of your Major.

Available for students starting in September 2018.

If you choose a Minor in Accounting and Finance you will study introductory, intermediate and advanced modules in financial accounting. In finance you will study an introductory module in the basics of finance, and intermediate modules in financial products. You will develop quantitative, communications and information technology skills and the ability to apply these skills in an accounting and finance context.

Year 1

In your first year you will learn about the basics of financial accounting in the first semester, whilst in the second semester you will become acquainted with the foundations of finance.


Year 2

In your second year you will study, and begin to specialise in, specific topics on accounting and finance. You will learn how to prepare and analyse financial reports and study the pricing of financial futures and forward contracts.

Core module

  • Corporate Governance

Option modules

Choose either:

  • Accounting, Decision Making and Control

OR choose:

  • Accounting Theory
  • Financial Markets Products: Futures and Forwards

Year 3

In your final year you will study the pricing of option contracts and you will study a semester-long module on advanced financial accounting.

Core modules

  • Advanced Financial Accounting

Option modules

Choose either:

  • Social Studies of Finance

OR choose two modules from:

  • Advanced Management Accounting
  • Accounting for Non-Profit Organisations
  • Behavioural Finance and Investment Strategies
  • Finance for Small and Medium Enterprises

Modules shown represent choices available to current students. The range of modules available and the content of any individual module may change in future years.

Entry Requirements

There are no specific entry requirements for this minor.

Now choose your Major

On a Major/Minor degree you study a core area in depth (your major subject), while also exploring an additional area (in this case Accounting and Finance).


Please note that you cannot study a Minor in Accounting and Finance with a Major in:

  • Accounting and Finance
  • Management Studies

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