Joint Honours Degrees 50% + 50%

Blend two areas of strength and interest

Our joint degrees allow you to study two complementary subjects, e.g. English and History. You will split your time equally between the subjects.

The Benefits

  • Joint degrees are personally rewarding – they give you the chance to explore two subjects that interest you to a high level.
  • By studying two related subjects you will gain an outstanding depth and breadth of knowledge. What you learn in one subject complements and enhances what you learn in the other.
  • The interdisciplinary knowledge and skills gained through studying a joint degree will enable you to broaden your academic and professional horizons.
  • By demonstrating your ability to think differently and across disciplines, you will expand your career opportunities. Employers tell us that they want candidates who can demonstrate flexibility, versatility and possess multi-disciplinary skills – these will make you stand out from the competition.