International scholarships

The University's scholarships are also open to international students, along with some scholarships that are designed specifically for international students:

Scholarships and Financial Assistance

You should check in your own country whether scholarships are available for study overseas, either from your government or other organisations.

A scholarships search can be reached from the Education UK database, by clicking in the "Find a Scholarship" box on the right-hand side.

The British Council, which has offices around the world, can also provide information about financial assistance.

Scholarships will not normally cover your entire funding needs, so you are likely to need to look at a combination of funding sources, which may include scholarships, grants, loans and personal or family savings.

Almost all scholarships, including those offered by the University, offer only partial funding support, usually in the form of a contribution to fees. Most scholarships are awarded on the basis of academic merit, and competition from well-qualified students is fierce. You also need to plan ahead, so that you can meet the deadlines for scholarship applications. Please note that you cannot apply for University scholarships until you have been offered a place.