Visa Checkpoints

As an international student, after you arrive you will need to go to the visa checkpoint where you will be issued with your University of Leicester ID card, confirmation of registration and, if required, a letter to open a bank account. To ensure that your ID card is ready to collect when you go to the visa checkpoint, we need you to upload a photo of yourself to MyStudentRecord before 7 September. This photo will be used to create your ID card.

The University is required to verify and take copies of the passports and visas of all international students. You must ensure that you bring your original passport and visa to the visa checkpoint. If you've been issued with a travel document, you will be able to pick up your Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) at the visa checkpoint, unless you have chosen to pick it up from a post office.

Details about specific times will follow, and will be available on our visa checkpoint page

Please note that if you are an EU resident you will not need to attend the visa checkpoint.