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The Holocaust and its Contexts - book series with Palgrave Macmillan

Series description

More than sixty years on, the Holocaust remains a subject of intense debate with ever-widening ramifications. The editors are pleased to announce the launch of a new book series in conjunction with the Stanley Burton Centre for Holocaust Studies and the publishers Palgrave Macmillan. The series aims to demonstrate the continuing relevance of the Holocaust and related issues in contemporary society, politics, and culture: studying the Holocaust and its history broadens our understanding not only of the events themselves but also of their current ramifications.

The series will be distinctive in its reference to actuality and in its interdisciplinary openness to contributions from a variety of fields, including history, sociology, psychology, memory, the theory of culture, European-Jewish philosophy, and gender. It will provide a forum for original, leading-edge scholarship, offering established scholars a place for reflecting on their work and enabling younger authors to publicize their original research. The series is particularly keen to promote the work of international Holocaust researchers who may write traditionally not in English with a view to promoting this to English-speaking audiences. In this way, it will accelerate and expand the dissemination of innovative Holocaust research to the Anglophone world.

Series editors

Submitting a proposal

The editors are interested in receiving proposals for books on suitable topics to be included in the series. The books may include monographs, essay collections, primary source collections and conference proceedings within the broad field of Holocaust and Genocide Studies. The books that appear in the series will have distinctive design, will appeal to a student market and to other experts, and will be published simultaneously in the United States and in the UK for distribution all over the world. Their approximate target word-count will be 100,000 (including references, bibliography, and index).

If you have a book project you would like to propose for the series, please provide initially a 500 word description of the book or project, stating clearly what makes it distinctive and suitable for the series. Send it (preferably by email) to one of the series editors: Olaf Jensen or Claus-Christian W. Szejnmann (C.W.Szejnmann@lboro.ac.uk).

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