Wills Home Workout

A chance to raise the heart rate with another workout from our Sport & Active Life adviser Will.

Warm Up

Exercise Reps Sets Notes 
Burpee 10 5 Decrease rest time in between sets from 1:00-45-30-15 seconds.
Walk up your stairs 2 steps at a time   10 No rest in between, straight up and down.
Lunge stretch with cross body reach 2 Each Side Hold for 15 seconds Lunge position, start with both hands on the flor, reach hand closest to front leg up and then swap feet (one in from of the other) and then swap hands.
T, Y, W's 5 on each movement 2 Good bent over position, Bottom of an Romanian Dead Lift. Straight back, slight bend in the knee, engaging hamstrings. Scoop scapula move arms into T position, then Y and then finally collapse elbow into the W position. Advice: Google T Y W 

Lower Body

Exercise Reps Sets Notes
Jump Squats 20 4 Focus on form, good landing mechanics, reset stance width after each rep.
Split Squats 12 Each Leg 4 Back leg on a bench/chair/sofa about knee height. Keep front knee over little toe. Make sure to go deep enough so your thigh is parallel with the floor.
Jump Lunges 100 - 50 each side 1 Set for time (Fast as possible) Focus on landing mechanics. Don’t go too quick to hinder form. This one is for time, rest as needed. 
 Wall Sit 30 seconds  5 Minimize back arch against the wall, feet in your regular squat stance. Knees nice and wide with thigh’s at least parallel to the floor. 

Upper Body

Exercise Reps Sets   Notes
Clapping Press Ups 20 4 Scoop shoulder blade and avoid shrugging of the shoulder, engage lats. Chest to floor.
Crab Toe Touch 20 4 Tap alternate toe, 10 reps each side.
Press Up - Isometric Hold 30 seconds 4 Elbow angle at 90 degrees.
Plank 5 Minutes 1
If you can't do a 5 minute plank, rest as needed. Stop when you hit an accumulative time of 5 minutes.

Aim for good plank form, scoop shoulders blade under to stop shoulders from shrugging. Minimize arch in the lower back.