Tobias Home Workout

Give this fantastic workout from Tobias a go. All you will need is yourself and a bit of space! Good Luck and Enjoy.

Warm Up

Exercise  Weight Reps Sets Notes 
Knees to opposite hand - standing
30 seconds 2  Hands out in front
Heels to back of hand   30 seconds 2  Hands behind
Star Jumps   30 seconds 2
Opposite hand to foot   30 seconds 2 Hands out in front

Upper Body

Exercise Weight Reps Sets   Notes
Tricep Dips on Chair  Body Weight 12-15  2-3 Both hands should be placed just on the outside of hips 
Press Ups Body Weight 12-15 2-3 Alternative - Drop onto your knees if you need to
Shadow Boxing   45 seconds 2-3 Alternative full extension and twist on punch on punch until arm is straight 
Pike Push Up Body Weight 12-15 2-3 Advice - look on YouTube before doing this movement.   


Exercise Weight Reps Sets Notes
Superman Plank  Body Weight 30 seconds each side 2-3 Alternative - Normal Plank
Scissors Kick - Lying Down Body Weight 30 seconds each side 2-3 Hands under glutes to support lower back.
Leg Raises - Both Legs Together Body Weight 30 seconds each side 2-3 Feet do not touch the floor on the way down throughout repetitions if possible