5 Ways to Wellbeing in February

During the month of February we will be dedicating each of the 28 days to one of the ways to wellbeing. You will be able to access services, advice, tips along with some activities all focused on looking after your wellbeing. 

You can follow our ways to wellbeing on our Twitter or Instagram where you can see some of the following released throughout February: 

Let's do Leicester

Be active with one of the many Let's Do Leicester sessions that are delivered live 7 days a week. 

Celebration Sunday

Take notice with us on #CelebrationSunday, where we're asking you to share a picture that tells us a story about your life. 

Breakfast challenges

Keep learning as we challenge everyone to try one of our breakfast making challenges. 

Be kind

Give yourself a bit of a break during this month to be kind to yourself.