The vision

Space Park Leicester will be a world-leading hub for space and space-enabled industry, and will be a globally leading centre for the translation of space research and Earth Observation (EO) data into commercial applications and services for businesses, researchers and academia.

Space Park Leicester complements other UK capabilities, and provides an important element of a cohesive national infrastructure. Our unique selling points include our research and innovation breadth; the University's 50+ years of working with the space industry; the focus on volume production of low-cost satellites, in addition to supporting national skills development.

Building on the University of Leicester's international reputation for space science and innovation, Space Park Leicester will focus on translating space research and Earth Observation data into commercial applications for businesses to utilise.

Professor Paul Boyle - Space Park Leicester

President and Vice-Chancellor Professor Paul Boyle talks about the local, national and international benefits of Space Park Leicester, the University's strengths in space science and how it fits in with the University's Strategic Plan.

Our offering

Research and development opportunities

Industry and academia working side by side with access to research and development laboratories, business hosting space and networking opportunities. With unique facilities for manufacturing constellations of small satellites, payloads and integration with launch vehicle deployment systems, it will address low-cost access to space.

Space-enabled data

Building on the strengths of the University's AI 'powerhouse', Space Park Leicester will provide access to, and analysis of, space-enabled data including 'Big Data' - which has the ability "to address the major challenge facing society including food security, climate change, pollution and biodiversity loss." (UK National Space Policy 2015)

Skills for industry

Access to education and training for space and related high-tech sectors, including University of Leicester courses, apprenticeships and continuing professional development.

The landmark new facility will support the creation of more than 2,500 high-value jobs within the space and space-enabled sector.

Contact us

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