Space for Research and Development

The European Space Agency (ESA) defines Space 4.0 as “a time when space is evolving from being the preserve of the governments of a few spacefaring nations to a situation in which there is the increased number of diverse space actors around the world, including the emergence of private companies, participation with academia, industry and citizens, digitalisation and global interaction.”

Space Park Leicester is a unique Space 4.0 development, a world-leading research and innovation centre providing opportunities unavailable elsewhere including a joined-up, end-to-end approach to primary research challenges. It has the potential to revolutionise how satellites are conceived, designed, operated and produced, and how the information they provide is captured, mined and interpreted, by: 

  • Addressing the research challenges and barriers to adoption in small to medium sized satellite production.
  • Building a facility of digital systems and IT infrastructure to support the challenges of big data and its processing in space technology and Earth Observation services.
  • Developing a laboratory for novel Earth Observation research methods, technologies and applications at high spatial and multispectral resolution.
  • Integrating all these research strands, so that data needs are met with appropriate hardware design and production approaches.

Facilities and opportunities

With its combination of laboratories, clean rooms, workshops, offices, a creative design studio, a virtual reality cave and flexible teaching and business space, Space Park Leicester will create new opportunities in an area which requires long-term commitments and supporting research infrastructure.

Making full use of these facilities, a programme of training and CPD will boost the numbers and quality of students and employees with space-relevant skills. At the same time, senior scientists, engineers, managers and executives will have access to the skills and knowledge needed to address the challenges posed by a sector that will triple in size by 2030.

Space Park Leicester

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