Space Park Leicester


Space Park Leicester provides businesses and organisations with the opportunity to co-locate at space park Leicester on a long-term, short-term, co-working, or project by project basis. 

The Space Park Leicester community includes businesses ranging from start-ups to large organisations. Start-ups and pre-start-ups will use our hot desk and co-working space until ready for dedicated office space.

The value of residency at space park Leicester, beyond being in a state of the art facility, includes access to cutting edge R&D, networking with potential partners, customers and suppliers, access to infrastructure provided by our partners, and connection with our space sector business development resources.  

Situated within Pioneer Park,  businesses located within Space Park Leicester will be eligible for consideration for enterprise zone support.

Space Park Leicester – Now

The first phase of the new Space Park Leicester campus opens in spring 2020, however businesses can immediately benefit from the SPL services and support before moving to the new buildings. Space is also available for those wanting to co-work, hot desk, start-up their business, or establish a presence prior to the new buildings being fully operational.

Funding and business support is available for qualifying businesses. See Space Industries Accelerator

Space Park Leicester

Office and Laboratory space will be available in the new phases of the Space Park Leicester academic and commercial zone from spring 2021. This environment is designed for organisations engaged in collaborative research and development projects.

Office and Laboratory space will be available for pre start-up, start up, hot desking, short projects, and longer term residency. Funding and subsidised services may be available for qualifying pre start-up and start-ups. See Space Industries Accelerator.

Businesses and organisations on campus, and in the wider network, form the active business community of Space Park Leicester. The campus community will also include the Dock I and II developments, and other satellite locations. Office and laboratory space will be identified appropriate to the needs of a business or organisation.


Contact Dr Stephen Wright – to discuss your requirements.

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