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With an annual turnover of £16bn, the UK space sector is an increasingly important part of the UK economy. The Government’s stated aim is for the UK to provide up to 10% of an anticipated £400bn global market in space by 2030, creating and sustaining an estimated 100,000 new jobs. Space Park Leicester is uniquely positioned to support this, driving forward the science and technology needed to address the effective commercialisation of space and space enabled technologies.

The University of Leicester has a long tradition of working with industry and other partners, with a Leicester-built instrument operating in space in every year since 1967. Space Park Leicester builds on this heritage and expertise, creating a collaborative environment to support business growth, inward investment, boosting exports and raising productivity.

Businesses will benefit from:

  • Co-location space for either short-term projects or long-term tenancy.
  • Access to high-performance computing and data visualisation facilities.
  • Access to laboratories, clean rooms and wide range of equipment.
  • Access to supply-chain partners and the largest pool of space related academic talent in the UK.
  • Access to a pipeline of skilled talent from universities and colleges across the region.

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