Space Park Leicester

Space for Business

Opening spring 2021, Space Park Leicester will provide organisations with unrivalled access to academia, pioneering research, development knowledge and funding to support business growth and excellence.

Space Park Leicester will support the industry by collaborating on joint research, developing new products and services. It will assist business to understand the sector by undertaking joint research and developing new products and services.

Within its business support portfolio, Space Park Leicester provides business with access to research funding programmes along with office and laboratory space for both short term project work and long term business location.

Situated in the heart of the UK’s space spine, businesses located at Space Park Leicester benefit from its extensive partnerships and central location.

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At Space Park Leicester you will:

  • Work with our experts to develop products and services
  • Find academic and business partners for collaborative research
  • Find funding to support your product or service development
  • Use the computing and engineering infrastructure for innovation 
  • Develop a detailed understanding of the space sector market for your product or service including market size and competitors
  • Develop a robust strategy and business plan
  • Gain an understanding of the legal complexities of the space sector
  • Access business mentoring and support and staff training and development (start-up, growth, and mature businesses)

You also have the opportunity to locate your business on a short or long term basis at Space Park Leicester.


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