The opportunity

Space Park Leicester will be a significant global hub for businesses, researchers, academia and innovation. It will enable collaboration between the University of Leicester and the private sector, creating high-quality, knowledge-based jobs, building the skills base and contributing to economic growth and the resilience of the economy.

The first phase of the project will deliver a 4800m2 facility for Earth Observation, business hosting and teaching, and will open in summer 2020. Funding for future phases is currently being secured.

Additional phases of Space Park Leicester include:

  1. An industry-academic collaboratory environment on next-generation space engineering and AI data labs
  2. A Low-Cost Access to Space Manufacturing Facility for satellite constellations

Professor Martin Barstow - Space Park Leicester

Professor Martin Barstow, Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Strategic Science Projects, talks about Leicester's international reputation in space and how Space Park Leicester will benefit schoolchildren as well as University students and the city.

Facts and figures

  • The Global Space Market is projected to increase by 80% to £400bn by 2030
  • The UK Space Sector has trebled in size since 2000, with an ambition to grow from 6.5% of the global space economy to 10% by 2030, equivalent to £40bn. This will provide 100,000 jobs
  • The UK Space Sector is growing at an average of 8.1% since 2000, 5 times greater than the wider economy over the same period
  • Exports currently account for over one third of UK space sales
  • Driving down the cost of satellite design, development and launch will be key to securing UK competitiveness as this drives down cost of down-stream data services
  • The creation of Low Cost Access to Space Manufacturing Facility, integrated in Space Park Leicester, will support the UK's national launch ambitions, and will also create substantial economic benefits to the region

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