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The UK's first National Space Policy was published in 2015. In it, the Government committed to growing the UK's commercial sector with an ambition to secure 10% of the global market, supporting 100,000 new jobs, and generating £40bn for the economy by 2030 from a base of £11.8bn in 2014. Today, space is regarded as critical to delivering on ambitions for UK plc.

The potential of space data is huge. Every time we go to work, turn on the TV, use our mobile phone or use the satellite navigation system in our car - space technology enables our modern life.

Space also connects our armed forces and humanitarian agencies around the world and delivers essential intelligence.

There is an opportunity for the UK to forge a lead in this market. By 2030 it is expected that Space Park Leicester will have been able to deliver the following:

  • Support for the proposed UK spaceports and launch capability, making the UK a global hub for new commercial space services
  • Helped the government to capture £40bn in revenue from the space global market
  • Contributed to an increase in the sector from the current level of 35,000 jobs to 100,000 UK jobs
  • Built a talented and high-value space workforce, addressing a skills gap in the market and inspiring young people to train in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) subjects
  • Capitalised on space-enabled data and services for finance, IT, energy, defence, business analytics, environment management, transport and healthcare
  • Integrated downstream application requirements with upstream space engineering - slashing time to market for low-cost satellite constellations
  • Developed the UK's lead internationally and become known as the provider and exporter of world-leading space-enabled applications

Professor Paul Monks - Space Park Leicester

Professor Paul Monks, Pro-Vice-Chancellor and Head of the College of Science and Engineering, talks about the aims of the Space Park Leicester, what will happen on site and how it will affect the College.

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