Space Park Leicester is currently being developed by the University of Leicester in collaboration with local, national and international partners.

Space Park Leicester will provide state-of-the-art, high-tech facilities for research, development and manufacturing. It will house capabilities and companies covering an end-to-end capability, from satellite design and engineering, through to downstream data and its applications. This creates unmatched opportunities for collaboration.

Where industry and academia join forces

By drawing on the expertise of both industry and academia, working together in one location, Space Park Leicester will drive research excellence and application of that research. This will support industrial growth in the sector and will also develop the skills needed to deliver this expansion of the space (and wider) economy.

A programme of new research will focus on advanced manufacturing for space, on the next generation of digital intelligent systems, and on novel Earth observation technologies.

LoCAS facility

Not only will Space Park Leicester offer end-to-end research and development, and skills capability in space, it is also aiming for a commercial Low Cost Access to Space (LoCAS) satellite manufacturing facility for the manufacture of mid-range satellites. LoCAS will address the UK’s need for capacity to build satellite constellations. It will provide a pipeline for burgeoning UK launch services, lower the barriers to new entrants in the market and support the development of new business models for downstream services.