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2022 Timetable

The Covid-19 global pandemic was seen in many cases to exacerbate existing social inequalities. As a result of this, more organisations are operating with a dual focus of profitability and social enterprise. This year’s Masterclass is themed around social enterprise.

Day One - Tuesday 9 August

Welcome to ULSB and Brookfield. Today you be introduced to the brief for the week, the MC team and your fellow students from around the world.

Day Two - Wednesday 10 August

We will explore what we understand by the term social enterprise. Critically we explore why, when we have structured societies, we actually need social enterprise.

Day Three - Thursday 11 August

We start with a global look at the relationship disaster risk reduction (DRR) and poverty alleviation in the low-and middle-income countries, before then explore the factors which need to be taken account of in producing your plan for a social enterprise. Later Dorothy Francis OBE will talk about social enterprise before joining our ‘Question Time’ panel to answer your questions.

Day Four - Friday 12 August

Today we start by looking at poverty alleviation in Africa, before having a range of opt-in sessions, or free time, in the afternoon.

Day Five - Saturday 13 August

Today we are looking at social enterprise from a practitioner perspective. In the afternoon we will explore the role of networking, and develop skills critical to both the development of a social enterprise and effective leadership.

Day Six - Sunday 14 August

Starts with a practitioner perspective of social enterprise. Then you and your group the last chance to refine your proposal for the development of a social enterprise. Lastly we look at some things you should NOT do in your dissertation, and the role of Emotional Intelligence in Leadership. 

Day Seven - Monday 15 August

This is presentation day, where you have the chance to enthral your peers and a panel of judges with your proposal for the development of a social enterprise. You will have a last networking opportunity before the close of the Masterclass.

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