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Testimonial from Bobby Chotai, Director Kosh For Men Ltd (ZEOS)

Having completed a project funded via the European Growth fund and supported by the University of Leicester, I want to let the University/European Development fund know how grateful I am for the high quality of work and support that was provided to me. As a local small business, I am fully aware of the University and its high reputation in terms of its academic credentials.

The project undertaken by the University has surpassed my expectations in terms of expertise and the quality of content delivered. I was assigned Dr Matthew Higgins to work on a project developing a clear strategy and market analysis of how to take my business forward with a range of new male skincare products called the ZEOS QU3.

As a small organisation, it becomes very easy to concentrate on general day-to-day operations. Sometimes, as most businesses are aware, we need to take a step back to review certain aspects of the business and our projects - but with limited resources, it’s difficult to access the support and feedback in areas that are important to growing the business.

From the offset, Dr Higgins took the time to understand my business and our goals. He then ensured that we worked together in producing a clear, written direction and a step-by-step process to outline how we would move towards achieving our goals. This was complemented by the high quality market research and analysis he produced, which I would not have had access to if it was not for the University and the funding provided.

I personally feel he went above and beyond for our business, fuelled by passion and his desire for us to succeed. He was encouraging, professional, honest, and his commercial knowledge and drive was outstanding. What we have achieved in a short space of time has ensured we are on track with an exciting product range, supported by professional market research and analysis with a clear sense of direction and messaging. Our product has now won a number of awards, such as best skincare brand at the Male Beauty Awards, and has been featured in magazines such as GQ, Men’s Health and BBC Top Gear magazine - to name but a few.

The University gave us expertise and research of a standard and professionalism that we would not have been able to access otherwise. Due to the work, support and direction that Dr Higgins has provided, we have managed to secure key listings online with prominent high street retailers such as Boots.

The support has propelled us towards a very exciting future in terms of growth, product range and clear strategy.

I would like to personally thank the University of Leicester and Dr Matthew Higgins for this amazing opportunity to have accessed such high quality support that has made a real difference to my business. I would not hesitate to recommend them.

Bobby Chotai
Director Kosh For Men Ltd (ZEOS)

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