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Research in Accounting Society and Accountability

Research in Accounting, Society and Accountability (RASA) provides a platform for interdisciplinary research into the nature of accounting and accountability and how accounting and accountability shape and are, in turn, shaped by society.

Our research challenges narrower understandings of what accounting and accountability are and what they become, thus contributing to the further development of accounting practice and theory, including radical alternatives.

RASA members come from diverse disciplinary backgrounds including accounting, finance, economics, management, information systems, sociology, law, etc. Through regular seminars, workshops and events, RASA provides a friendly, yet critical, forum for scholars from any discipline interested in issues of accounting, accountability and their intersection with society, to meet, present, discuss their research and network. Please get in touch via email if you have queries or would like to get involved with upcoming activities.

Research themes

The current research in the group spans several intersecting themes including:

  • Regulation, governance and public accountability
  • Public sector and NGO accounting and accountability
  • Audit and risk
  • Management accounting and control
  • Gender and accounting
  • Information systems, financial markets and accounting
  • Sustainability accounting
  • Accounting and accountability for housing

Research events

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Details about the particular interest and current projects of individual group members can be found on their staff profile pages.

Cluster Director: Dr Amanze Ejiogu

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