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The MEF research cluster is a diverse group of scholars with a strong commitment to research. Our members have a well-established record of publishing in high quality international journals over a wide range of topics. Some of our members have also been consistently involved in the policy-making sphere, while others have established strong ties with industry, both domestic and international.

Diverse research interests

Our research spans a broad spectrum of both theoretical and empirical studies, with a strong emphasis on a cross-disciplinary approach. 

In terms of theoretical research, one strand of studies adopts sophisticated models and quantitative methods to analyse issues related to economic growth, income and wealth inequality, social and cultural aspects of economic development, job search theory, risk sharing, asset pricing and behavioural finance. Another strand combines mathematics and physics with decision theory and finance. 

As for empirical research, our members have published extensively on the effects of monetary policies, financial market development, financial crises, banking regulations, corporate finance, exchange-rate dynamics, and productivity and efficiency analysis. In parallel to applied research, our members have also contributed to refining existing methods in macroeconometrics. 

Impact beyond academia

Apart from academic research, our members have a long presence in international organisations and industry. For instance, some cluster members have taken research-led advisory roles in European Committee and United Nations, and leadership roles in the Central Bank of Cyprus and European Central Bank. Other members have extensive industry experience related to corporate finance, investment, FinTech and other financial services, and have lent their expertise to businesses through consulting and knowledge transfer partnership activities. 

Research events

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Details about the particular interests and current projects of individual group members can be found on their staff profile page.

Cluster Director: Dr Richard Suen

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