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Centre for Management and Organisation Studies

The Centre for Management and Organisation Studies (CMOS) brings together scholars who have global reputations for interdisciplinary, critical research into managing and organising. Using theories, methods and concepts from sociology, cultural studies, psychology, geography, history, anthropology, philosophy, gender studies, political economy and other fields, our research examines how people coordinate their activities in many different settings.

We study managing and organising with respect to a diverse range of topics that includes sport, film-making, tourism, social movements, co-operatives, mental health, corporate social responsibility, cryptocurrencies, digital technologies, populism and whistle-blowing. These and other topics are addressed at scales ranging from the global (the challenges of climate change and the Anthropocene) to the international (multinational companies, the international finance system, migration), the national (Brexit) and the local (rural economies). Our work also has a strong historical emphasis, in particular with regard to issues of heritage as well as institutional and economic development.

CMOS members engage in collaborative research projects internationally, within the UK, and across the University. We write for both academic and lay publications, engage with media, policy-makers and relevant institutions, and actively encourage others to use and apply our work. Tying all of these efforts together is a shared concern to understand management and organisation as complex, situated processes that are always shaped by their contexts and their circumstances.

CMOS members are also involved with two different research groups:

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Details about the particular interests and current projects of individual group members can be found on their staff profile pages.

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