Olga Yegorova - Media and Communication at Leicester

olga yegorova

Anelita Alurralde is at the forefront of 7000 citizens protesting on behalf of women in Bolivia. “#NiUnaMenos” achieved the unification of thousands of activists all around the Latin American continent starting off in Argentina in March 2015 and spilling over to other countries of the South American continent. “Ni Una Menos Bolivia” mobilized 7000 protesters in Bolivia’s most populated cities on the November 25, 2016, shouting slogans such as: “Ni una menos, vivas nos queremos” – “Not one woman less, we want us alive”. Using photography, ethnography, semi-structured interviews, I conducted a discourse theoretical analysis of #NiUnaMenosBolivia that helps us to understand the struggle of women in Bolivia for a life free of gender-based violence.