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Eleven Principles of Interdisciplinary Research

laura meagher standing at a podium with a microphone talking about research journeysThe benefits of Interdisciplinary research (IDR) do not come without challenges. Collaborating a team from disparate disciplines, establishing a shared language or applying various methodologies into a new style of grant proposal, IDR can be both time consuming and mentally challenging. However, with the right information, mindset and planning, you can negotiate your IDR project to have an efficient process with meaningful outcomes.

A series of briefs have been compiled to navigate the approach and management of IDR. Wherever you are on your interdisciplinary journey, you will find the words of the experts a reassuring way to approach your research, and make the most out of the individuals in your IDR team.

  1. A Short Guide to Developing Interdisciplinary Research Proposals (PDF, 294kb) by Professor Joyce Tait and Dr Catherine Lyall
  2. A Short Guide to Reviewing Interdisciplinary Research Proposals (PDF, 308kb) by Dr Catherine Lyall, Ann Bruce, Professor Joyce Tait and Dr Laura Meagher
  3. A Short Guide to Building and Managing Interdisciplinary Research Teams (PDF, 284kb) by Dr Catherine Lyall and Dr Laura Meagher
  4. A Short Guide to Supervising Interdisciplinary PhDs (PDF, 289kb) by Dr Catherine Lyall, Dr Laura Meagher and Professor Joyce Tait
  5. A Short Guide to Troubleshooting Some Common Interdisciplinary Research Management Challenges (PDF, 316kb) by Dr Catherine Lyall and Dr Laura Meagher
  6. A Short Guide to Designing Interdisciplinary Research for Policy and Practice (PDF, 415kb) by Dr Catherine Lyall
  7. A Short Guide to Developing Interdisciplinary Strategies for Research Groups (PDF, 313kb) by Dr Catherine Lyall, Prof Robin Williams, Dr Laura Meagher
  8. A Short Guide for Funders of Interdisciplinary Research (PDF, 311kb) by Dr Wendy Marsden, Dr Catherine Lyall, Dr Ann Bruce and Dr Laura Meagher
  9. A Short Guide to Evaluating Interdisciplinary Research (PDF, 341kb) by Dr Catherine Lyall, Prof Joyce Tait, Dr Laura Meagher, Dr Ann Bruce and Dr Wendy Marsden
  10. A Short Guide to Leading Interdisciplinary Initiatives (PDF, 349kb) by Dr Laura Meagher, Dr Catherine Lyall, Dr Ann Bruce and Dr Wendy Marsden
  11. A Short Guide to Exploring Interdisciplinary Careers (PDF, 2.99MB) by Prof Catherine Lyall with Dr Laura Meagher

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