Tiger Teams

LIAS-funded Tiger Teams consist of interdisciplinary teams of researchers working on short-term, exciting, innovative projects (up to 6 months).

Current Tiger Teams (2020/21)

  • Anticipating and Avoiding Unintended Consequences of Remote Sensing Applications (Lead: Dr Sarah Johnson)
  • Mapping Identities for Data Explainability (MAIDEN) (Lead: Dr Genovefa Kefalidou)
  • Office of the Public Guardian (co-funded ESRC IAA) (Lead: Dr Tracey Elliott)
  • Discourses of Long Covid: the role of language in the reification and management of an emergent condition (Lead: Dr Melanie Evans) 

Past Tiger Teams (since 2017)

  • Bespoke Endometrial Cancer Follow-up
  • Time and Space Imaging
  • Empathy, Literature and Medicine
  • Maths Meets Arts
  • Anthropocene
  • Avoidable Deaths
  • Heritage and Science
  • Human Bias
  • Relationships and Sex Education
  • Leicester ethnicity, ageing and diabetes
  • Vauxhall Gardens and virtual reality
  • Lion cubs
  • Scientific approaches to dress, material culture, identity
  • Mental health and social media
  • Migration, healthcare and education
  • Urgent care for frail older people
  • Prisons
  • Cancer detection in diabetics
  • Earth system plastics
  • Harnessing digital technology in maternity care
  • Gender diversity and equality in education
  • Female pelvic floor health globally