The Leicester Institute for Advanced Studies Fellowship programme is one of our core areas of activity, enabling our researchers to build interdisciplinary collaborations with scholars from the UK and beyond. 

LIAS Rutherford Fellows

The Leicester Institute for Advanced Studies Rutherford Fund Fellowship Scheme supports global interdisciplinary research. The scheme is funded by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy and administered by Universities UK International. Drawing on expertise from across disciplines, our Rutherford Fellows will all contribute to the overarching theme of Resilient, Inclusive and Sustainable Cities.

This particular opportunity encourages collaborations between Fellows and academics from across Leicester’s three colleges in tackling global urban challenges and empowering cities to drive change. The Rutherford Fellows will launch their research projects with an initial event focussing on Sustainable Cities, hosted by Professor Paul van Gardingen.

Dr Amollo AmbleDr Amollo Ambole

University of Nairobi, Kenya

Dr Ambole will focus her Fellowship on the ways in which systematic urban transformations can be achieved by interrogating challenges of the informal urban forms that are pervasive in Southern cities. Using socio-technological innovations, Dr Ambole will utilise research across design, anthropology, technology and sociology to determine methodologies that have the ability to relieve pervasive circumstances of informality, while promoting learning both locally and globally.

Dr Edris AlamDr Edris Alam

University of Chittagong, Bangladesh

Dr Alam will focus his Fellowship on responding to colossal social and economic losses as a result of natural and human induced hazards. Such rapid onset hazards, threatening both sustainability and affective governance, will be responded to through collaborations with academics on the areas of; risk, crisis and disaster management, urban communication and human-technology and decision making, to inform an Emergency Response and Preparedness Framework in changing the landscape of emergency practice. Dr Alam is hosted by Dr Nibedita Ray-Bennett (School of Business).

Leicester contact: ea298@le.ac.uk

Dr Laura LoteroDr Laura Lotero

Pontifical Bolivarian University, Colombia

Dr Lotero will look at how interdisciplinary research can inform the field of industrial engineering to develop the withstanding relationship between transportation systems, cities and societies. By recognising how addressing socioeconomic segregation challenges can lead to resilient, inclusive and sustainable cities, the Fellowship will strengthen initiatives and collaborations between the two Universities, and develop interdisciplinary research on urban mobility patterns. Dr Lotero is hosted by Professor Simon Gunn (Centre for Urban History) and Dr William Darler (School of Business).

Leicester contact: llv3@le.ac.uk

LIAS Fellowship Alumni

Paula Morgan

Professor Paula Morgan

Senior Lecturer, Literatures in English

University of the West Indies, Saint Augustine, Trinidad and Tobago

Professor Morgan will focus her Fellowship on the ways in which sexual violation lies at the heart of discourses of imperialism. Drawing on anthropology, sociology, psychology, media discourses and criminology, she will understand the linkages between societal rupture, intimate relations and criminal acts that lead to motherhood in childhood. Hosted by Dr Lucy Evans (School of Arts).

Prof Grace Wamue-NgareProfessor Grace Wamue-Ngare

Associate Professor, Department of Gender and Development Studies

Kenyatta University, Kenya

Hosted by Professor Teela Sanders (Criminology), Professor Wamue-Ngare's Fellowship will examine and document the models of social transformation that have helped the Gikuyu overcome Female Genital Mutilation, and respond to questions surrounding what has replaced the rite, core participation and gatekeeping.

Sadiyya Haffejee

Dr Sadiyya Haffejee

University of Pretoria, South Africa

Our LIAS early career Fellow is Dr Sadiyya Haffejee, who was recently awarded her PhD from the University of Pretoria. Dr Haffejee will work with Professor John Maltby (Neuroscience, Psychology and Behaviour) to explore the potential of participatory methods, particularly digital storytelling, for understanding the psychosocial resilience of young people in challenging circumstances. 

Ways to engage with the LIAS Fellows

  • Contact them at their Leicester email addresses
  • Keep an eye on the LIAS events page for seminars, symposia and workshops led by our Fellows and their Hosts
  • Join us at 10.00am on Tuesdays and Fridays for coffee at 128 Regent Road
  • Sign up for the LIAS e-zine, by emailing lias@le.ac.uk 
  • ‘Meet the Fellows’ over scheduled lunches. Email lias@le.ac.uk to book a place.