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Integrity and ethics

We seek to uphold the highest professional standards in the conduct of our research, at every level and in every discipline. Ethical approval is needed for all research and consultancy undertaken by University staff and students (both undergraduate and postgraduate) wherever research (or any related activity) involves human participants or raises ethical issues.

Research Ethics Policy

Our Research Ethics Policy is the framework within which the ethical review process operates across the University.

University Research Code of Conduct

The University Research Code of Conduct provides guidelines for conducting research with integrity and promotes good practice in all aspects of research.

The University has internal protocols for the review and approval of research involving human participants. The only exceptions to these protocols are research projects which are subject to specific statutory or regulatory ethical review requirements, such as research involving NHS patients.

Statement of Principles for the Responsible use of Bibliometrics

The University is a signatory to the San Francisco Declaration on Research Assessment (DORA), and we take our commitment to, and implementation of, principles for the responsible use of research metrics seriously. Our Statement of Principles is based upon transparency, consistency, accountability and inclusivity, and follows the lead of principles outlined in DORA, The Leiden Manifesto, The Metric Tide Report and the UK Forum for Responsible Research Metrics.

NHS-related research

Projects which fall under the NHS Governance Arrangements for Research Ethics Committees are referred to the appropriate NHS Research Ethics Committee. Other projects concerning human participants must be approved in accordance with the University’s Code of Practice for Research Ethics Concerning Human Participants (Non-NHS).

Research governance

Research governance is the process by which we ensure all research active within the organisation complies with all relevant legislation, and is high quality, safe and ethical.

We are also registered as a research sponsor with the Department of Health and routinely take responsibility as sponsor for research active within the NHS.

Research involving animals

Research projects which involve the use of animals at the University are subject to stringent ethical review by the Animal Welfare and Ethical Review Body. This is a distinct process from the University's ethical review system for research involving human participants.

The University of Leicester is a signatory to the Concordat on Openness on Animal Research, published in May 2014, which establishes principles of openness, practical steps and measurable objectives, underpinning a more transparent approach to animal research.

How to contact us if you have concerns about how we're conducting our research

If you are part of a research project and you have any questions or concerns about that research project, please contact the lead researcher in the first instance. If the issue you would like to discuss relates to potential misconduct in research, please contact: 

Professor Philip Baker

Pro Vice Chancellor Research & Enterprise


Annual research integrity reports

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