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Student  Title 
Pasar Abdullah 

Opening the Pandora Box The Evolution of the Iraqi Sunni Insurgency From the Roots to the Caliphate (2003 - 2014).

Eduard Abrahamyan  Understanding and explaining NATO’s partnerships with the nations of South Caucasus region between 2008 and 2016. 
Salado Ahmed  The gendered impact of the EU’s securitised migration policies: A case study of Greece.
Sana Amin  The security paradox of the Arab states: An empirical study of state security activism in Egypt, Tunisia, Syria and Iraq and its effect on individual and collective violence.
Christopher Ronald Bullock A Cultural Approach to Intelligence Theory: Understanding China’s Intelligence Behaviour.
Samuel Canter  Strategies of Offset: The United States Approach to Military Competition Against Nuclear Powers.
Cindy Phi-Yen Cao  Cambodia post 2017: A challenge to Normative Power Europe? 
David Ray Caudill JR   Doomed from the Beginning: A Post-Mortem Analysis of the War Powers Resolution of 1973. 
Joshua Julius Crane  To what extent is the UK government complicit in the ‘isolated incidents’ of human rights violations committed by the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen? 
Thomas David Dowling Moving Beyond Insecurity: The Hard Case for 'Full' Environmental Securitisation in Myanmar.
Juan Carlos Fernandez Casas  A new theoretical framework for HUMINT, a method of gathering intelligence on terrorist groups. 
Samer Frangieh  What form of economic opportunities and social cohesion policies and initiatives could support the integration of Syrian refugees in Lebanon?
Rachael Alice Downsby Griffiths  An examination of Defence Planning during the period 1998 to 2018: are military capabilities within the equipment plan and the capability planning process still an appropriate methodology; do they help or hinder the realisation of national security policy?
Dogan Guner  The Role of Syrian Refugees in Turkish Government Politics.
James Howe  Intercepting terror: the evolution of U.S. nuclear detection policy, 1990-2015.
Allen Jack Hyam  The inherent imperial presidency: presidential decision making and the abuse of power.
Richard Ilett  When Two Tribes Go To War, politics, protest and violence 1980s Britain.
Melvin Alexis Josse  Repression and Animal Advocacy. 
Shama Parveen Junejo  Who Governs Pakistan: A Case Study of Military Ethics to Identify the Driving Factors of Pakistani Military's Political Interventionism into Socio-Political Structure of Pakistan
Agnieszka Anna Korus Beyond restitution? Gender-just remedies for displacement and dispossession in Sudan and Ethiopia.
Max Gerald Arthur Ladbrooke Positive Duties to Wild Animals.
Simon Ka Ho Li Private corruption investigations in Hong Kong. 
Mark  McKeown  The Influence of Lobbying on American Foreign Policy. 
Erasmus Ndemole Migyikra The Protection of Children in Armed Conflicts: Thomas Lubanga’s Case. A South Sudan situation analysis. 
Giuseppe Luca Moliterni Normative Power Europe: A Normative Intersubjective Theory. 
Barrack Okwaro Muluka  The dilemma of exercising the right of return: The case of Burundi refugees in Tanzania. 
Blerim Mustafa  The extension of the right of self-determination in the post - Cold War era. 
Tunji Namaiko  State of conflict prevention in Africa: An analysis of collaboration between the African Union and African Regional Economic Communities early warning systems. 
Martin Pat Kenwood Nthakomwa (Re)casting the notion ‘Home’: Refugee hosting spaces in East Africa and Leicester –United Kingdom. 
Jack Wilson O'Doherty  Shadow of Intent: A Comparative Assessment of American Nuclear Counterforce Strategy and Viability 
Oluwatoyosi Esther Ogunseye   Through the eyes of Boko Haram fighters: The influence of Nigeria’s amnesty programme on counterterrorism.
Gregory Todd Olsen  Determinants of Peacekeeping Success. 
Foteini Panagiotopo  Migrant organizational networking, cooperation and political action in Europe. 
Hamish Andrew Pearson  British space strategy and defence capabilities.
Susana Pickett  The Moral Theory and Practice of Veganism.
Sana Rahim  Western Security discourse and nuclear weapons: The experience of Pakistan nuclear physicists.
Michel Saad  International Politics and Ethics of Humanitarian Aid. 
Trooper Sanders  US and UK war powers.
Nickolas Michiel Schenk The Moral Right to Citizenship: A Theory of Just Membership for Non- citizen Stateless Persons.
Itai Shapira Israeli national intelligence culture. 
Evripidis Tantalakis Defending "free peoples": Intelligence and the advisory, logistical and operational role of the joint United States Military Advisory Planning Group in the Greek civil war 1947-1949. 
Katie Mary Titherington  The Psychology Around the United States Nuclear Weapons Program in WWII.

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