Dr Marianne Doherty

Teaching Fellow

School/Department: Law School of



LLB (Queen’s University Belfast 2010) LLM (Queen’s University Belfast 2012) PhD (Durham University 2020) Fellow HEA (2020). I joined Leicester Law School in August 2020.

Prior to my appointment I taught Tort Law at Durham Law School and Criminology on the Inside-Out Prison Exchange Programme in the Department of Sociology at Durham University I also spent four years working in politics in the Northern Ireland Assembly.

I am a Year Tutor and I am also co-convenor of the Criminal Law Criminal Justice and Criminology research cluster at the University. Additionally I am project leader on the new prison partnership established by the Pro Bono Society between the University and HMP Leicester.


My doctoral research focused on experiences of the Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program™ in three English prisons; it sought to explore the transformative aims of the programme and establish whether it could support desistance strategies. During my PhD I used my research to develop a prison education programme for a Northern Irish prison; my post-doctoral research is concerned with the use of education in prison to better support those on desistance pathways.

I am currently part of a team of academics from Leicester Law School and the School of Criminology leading the University's first law-focused prison-university partnership. The academic programme with HMP Leicester involves students from Leicester’s Pro-Bono Society entering prison to study ‘street-law’ sessions with small groups of prisoners led by experts in the subject areas. The course will be evaluated over the coming years allowing it to be tailored to the needs of our combined groups of students and it is anticipated that this will lead to a research output.



Doherty, M., 2020. Supporting desistance through prison education: an exploration of the contribution of the Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program in three English prison-university partnerships (Doctoral dissertation, Durham University).

Doherty, M, 'Time Well Spent' - Proposed monograph (forthcoming) 

Doherty, M., 'Prison-university partnerships: myths and realities' (forthcoming)



Prisons; desistance; rehabilitation; criminal justice.


I am the module convenor of Criminal Justice: Policing Sentencing and Rehabilitation I also teach Criminal Law Law of Tort Law Justice and Society and Legal Research Methods.

Press and media

Prison education; prison-university partnerships.


Conference Chair:

2021 University of Leicester ECR Conference - Criminal Law Chair.

2019 Law Power and Justice in Game of Thrones Conference Durham University: Panel: ‘“The night is dark and full of terrors”. Guarding and Regulating the Realm of Men’.

2018 North East Crime Network Conference University of York Desistance Panel.

Recent Papers

2021 SLSA Criminal Law stream - ‘Autoethnography in the criminal justice system: reflections on gender race and nationality in conducting prison-based interviews.’

2020 Durham University -Workshop on Ideational Dimensions of Mediation in the 21st Century - ‘Reimagining and repurposing prison education - How experiential learning can be employed to understand the role of ideational dimensions at local and global levels in shaping peacemaking behaviour.’

2019 Arizona State University Center for Correctional Solutions 'Student Conversations' 'Female white and Irish - Experiences of PhD Prison Research in the U.K.'

2018 University of York - North East Crime Network Conference -‘Examining the pedagogy of the Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program: How ‘Inside-Out’ can establish an effective learning environment for prisoners’. 


LLB - Queen's University Belfast - 2010

LLM - Queen's University Belfast - 2012

PhD - Durham University - 2020

FHEA - 2021

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