Professor Hartmut Boesch

Professor in Earth Observation


Hartmut is a Professor and the head of the Earth Observation Science (EOS) group of the School of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Leicester, and a Divisional Director of the National Centre for Earth Observation (NCEO).

Hartmut has worked for several years at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory on the development of NASA’s first dedicated CO2 satellite mission, the Orbiting Carbon Observatory (OCO) mission.

He joined the EOS Group at University of Leicester as a RCUK research fellow in 2007 focusing on the analysis of greenhouse gas observations from satellites and on the preparation of future greenhouse gas missions.

He is a Science Team member of the NASA OCO-2 and OCO-3 missions, and of the French/UK MicroCarb mission, and a member of the ESA Advisory Group for Copernicus CO2M mission. He is an investigator for the Copernicus Climate Change Service and the ESA Climate Change Initiative.

Hartmut’s area’s of research include:

  • Satellite-based remote sensing of atmospheric greenhouse gases
  • Development of ground-based and aircraft instruments for greenhouse gas remote sensing
  • Design of new satellite missions for greenhouse gases

He teaches:

  • Dynamics (PA1110)
  • Thermal and Statistical Physics (PA2720)
  • EO of the Atmosphere (MSc Satellite Data Science)

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