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I am currently a lecturer in criminology at the University of Leicester. Previously i was a research associate with the University of Leicester working with a multi-disciplinary research team researching the definition extent experience and treatment of MNS disorders in Guyana’s jails: both among inmates and the people who work with them. See more info here. I was a lecturer and researcher in Socio-Cultural Anthropology Political Sociology and Criminology at the University of the West Indies St Augustine Campus from 2010 to 2019. I still collaborate mentor and support students and colleagues at the UWI. I got my PhD in Anthropology from American University in Washington DC in 2010. I was a magazine writer before that. I did a Masters in Anthropology and Cultural Process at Goldsmiths College University of London in 1999-2000. I started out with a BA in Social Anthropology from the University of Sussex. From a Caribbean global South perspective I am most interested in how cultural and economic processes extend over long periods of time in the service of various systems of power.


My dissertation was a social history of race, class and culture in urban Trinidad with a specific focus on Woodbrook, Carnival, and Violence. Since then I've done research on: Men and masculinities on the small goal football fields of Western Trinidad; A National study on court user experiences of the magistrate and high courts of Trinidad and Tobago; Youth experiences of urban violence; Therapeutic cultures, positive psychology and the transnational self-help industry; The militarisation of everyday life in urban Port of Spain; Decision-making amongst government officials; Political culture and the failure of social development in T&T; The contexts for Judicial activism in the Caribbean; White-collar crime, corruption and bobol; The coloniality of power and Justice in the Caribbean; Spoken word as a local research methodology; Fear of crime and local policing; Crime and it's representation in the anglophone Caribbean; Radicalisation and preventing violent extremism; The impact of transnational organised crime on masculinities and everyday violence; Youth Mentorship and reducing gang violence in Morvant, Trinidad; Prison Reform in Guyana



2020 'Exploring Alienation, Bias and Coloniality in 21st century Magistrate Courts of Trinidad and Tobago' in Local Entanglements of Global Inequalities: Caribbean-European Conversations and Decolonial Thought. Anthem Press

2019 'Toward a Caribbean Feminist Criminology', Caribbean Journal of Criminology Vol 1 (4), April 2019 [co-authored with Lucy Evans]

2019 'She look for it': Young men, community violence, and gender in urban Trinidad', Vol 1 (4), April 2019 Caribbean Journal of Criminology

2019 'Securing Equality For All - The Evidence and Recommendations,' in Caribbean Judicial Dialogue: Equality For All in The Administration of Justice. The Faculty of Law The University of the West Indies (UWI): Mona

2018 'Love Is Love: The Recent Jason Jones Judgement in Trinidad and Tobago', Journal of Legal Anthropology, Volume 2, Issue 1, Spring 2018

2018 'Language-in-Use Under Militarisation and Insecurity: How Securitisation Discourse Wounds Trinidad,' Journal of Latin American and Caribbean Anthropology, Online First

2017 'Crime, criminality and North-to-South criminological complexities: Theoretical implications for policing 'hotspot' communities in 'underdeveloped' countries' in the Handbook of Criminology and the Global South [Co-authored with Danielle Watson]

2016 'Who's Afraid of Human Right's? The Judge's Dilemma: An Anthropologist's Contribution' in Distinguished Jurist Lecture 2015: Who's Afraid of Human Rights? A Judge's Dilemma - The Fifth Annual Distinguished Jurist Lecture delivered by Dame Linda Dobbs DBE. Trinidad: Judicial Education Institute of Trinidad and Tobago

2016 'Who end Dead, Badly Wounded' The Everyday Life of Pretty and Grotesque Bodies in Urban Trinidad' in International Journal of Cultural Studies. November 3, 2016.

2015 'Transnational Anti-Black Racism and State Violence in Trinidad' in Fieldsights - Hot Spots, Cultural Anthropology Online, June 29, 2015.



I am happy to accept applications to supervise PhDs on the following topics:

Court User Experiences
Transnational Organised Crime
Male violence
White collar crime and corruption
Participatory Action Research
Caribbean Criminology
Critical Criminology


Victims of Crime
Criminological Research Methods
Graduate Research Methods

Press and media

Crime in the Caribbean
Youth Gangs
White Collar Crime 
Transnational Organised Crime


2020     Guest Speaker; ‘Embodied Practices - Looking from Small Places’ - University of Postdam, Germany, Nov 19th
2020     Panellist; 'Thinking about Silences: Recordkeeping and Prison Management in Post-Independence Guyana' - History Hub @ UoL, Oct 30th
2020    Invited Speaker; Black History Month Presentation - Beauchamp City School, Leicester, Oct 26th
2020    Host and Moderator, Scarman Lecture with David Lammy MP. Policing, Race and Criminology in the UK, Online, University of Leicester, Sept 30th,
2020     Feature Presenter; 'Racism is a key aspect of Sociology' - Online Presentation to UK Secondary School A-Level teachers, August 19th
2020     Workshop Presenter; 'How does Black Lives Matter Impact your Research?' - Graduate Workshop for University of Sheffield, June 25th,
2020     Presenter; 'Decolonisation and the BAME Awarding Gap'; Student Union, University of Leicester Campus, Feb 27th 2020

Media coverage


The Politics of White Collar and Corruption in Trinidad and Tobago: Is It Convenient Political Mechanism For Flourishing State Enterprises by Fred Livermore, May 15, 2019
White Collar Crime by Maria Sookdeo, February 7, 2019
Trinidad's Jihadis: How small nation became jihadi recruiting ground by UK Guardian (Article misrepresents reality on ground) on Feb 2, 2018
Masculinity is in crisis… this is according to one UWI Anthropologist by NEWS POWER on Feb 9, 2017
Visual Images of Carnival by Bridget Brereton on Feb 8, 2017​
Two new members sworn in to EBC, SRC By Camille Hunte on Sep 6, 2016
Small group ‘fanning the flames’ of race in T&T—UWI lecturer By Rhonda Krystal Rambally October 04, 2015
UWI lecturer says hostile FB comments reflect erroneous definition of culture By Janelle De Souza , September 13 2015
Herd behaviour...or village voyuerism? by Shereen Ali, April 7, 2015
Cross Campus Collaboration: Success Stories by Moji Anderson, Jan 11, 2012


BBC Radio Leicestershire - Sept 30, 2020
91.1 FM, Mar 17, 2017
91.1 FM - Feb 9, 2017
AAA Podcast - Anthropologists in the field​
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