Dr Andrew Kingsnorth

Research Associate


Andrew is a Research Associate based within the Leicester Diabetes Centre that is exploring ways that digital health and real world patient data can be utilised to better understand diabetes care. Andrew joined the Leicester Diabetes Centre in 2021 after previously completing his PhD and postdoctoral positions at Loughborough University. 


Andrew works with Professor Pratik Choudhary on a number of projects related to digital health and real-world data:

  1. The assessment of behaviour as a predictor of hypoglycaemia and hyperglycaemia as measured by wearable devices
  2. The linkage of glucose monitoring data to electronic health records to better understand the complications of diabetes
  3. Coordinating the NIHR Health Informatics Collaborative (HIC) Diabetes Theme
  4. Understanding how the better use of real-world data can help inform regulatory decision-making.

Andrew's previous research has focused on how data from wearable devices can be used to better understand health and wellbeing. He has an interest in digital health and has published papers on the use of wearable data from accelerometers, commercial wearables and digital health devices such as the Freestyle Libre.


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  • Extra Mile PhD Student Award (2016) from the School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences (Loughborough University): awarded as part of the Athena SWAN action plan to a nominated student for 'demonstrating sustained excellence during their PhD'.
  • Loughborough University Graduate School Scholarship (2013): a PhD scholarship awarded to the best submitted research proposal.
  • Dean of School Postgraduate Prize for Academic Excellence (2013) from the School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences (Loughborough University): a prize for the highest overall mark in a masters programme.


  • Fellow: Higher Education Academy (2019)
  • Associate Fellow: Higher Education Academy (2018)
  • PhD in the measurement of physical activity, sedentary time and continuous glucose levels: Loughborough University (2017)
  • MSc in Physical Activity and Public Health: Loughborough University (2013)
  • BSc in Sport and Exercise Sciences: University of Birmingham (2010)

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